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Imagine a $250,000 weekend with a single direct mail program!

Leverage our in-house design, print, mail processing & logistics to bring you successful direct marketing campaigns and quantifiable return on investment.

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Popular Solutions

Spectrum’s proven campaigns designed to deliver RESULTS.

  • "I need to thank you for convincing me to run the gift card promotion! The cards feel so much more substantial in the customer's hand than a paper coupon! I've actually had a customer approach me in a restaurant and pull it out of their wallet to show me they had received it and would be in to use it! Thanks again!"

    Matt Rouillard President , Central Furniture
  • "Thanks Greg for helping us turn around our October sales numbers! We are EXTREMELY excited with the result from our Gift Card Promotion. We had people who came in saying they had not even considered the idea of buying new furniture, but when they got the gift card they not only came to our stores and shopped…but even more importantly - THEY ACTUALLY PURCHASED!"

    Anthony Waters President, LA Waters Furniture
  • "The secret is in the plastic card. Clients treat it like a real hundred dollar gift card that they have to use before it expires. It prods them to stop delaying and make their decision. In one instance, we sold a $9,000 plus bedroom set!"

    Joseph Kelliher President, Westwood Furniture

Spectrum’s Edge

Spectrum Marketing Companies is a vertically integrated marketing communications organization dedicated to leveraging our in-house design, print, mail processing and logistic assets to bring you a successful furniture marketing campaign from start to finish.

Direct Mail

Furniture Direct Mail Marketing

Choose from any one of our most popular programs to take advantage of the proven track records these campaigns have had. If you’ve got something more custom in mind we’ll be happy to help you bring your ideas to life with the help of our in-house graphics design department of over 25 creative graphic designers and marketing experts.

Promotional Signage

furniture promotional signage

Lift the results of your next direct mail campaign with coordinated signage and point-of-purchase materials from Spectrum. From yard signs and banners to window graphics and ceiling danglers, our in-house large format printing capabilities are unlimited. Think BIG, think repetition and never let yourself get lost in the crowd.

In-House Production

in-house print production

From the beginning of every project to its successful conclusion, Spectrum gives each client’s total control. We simply move your artwork into our commercial printing operations where everything from flyers, catalogs, banners, menus and direct mail pieces are produced under the watchful eye of our highly skilled production staff.

Our extensive retail marketing experience on a local, regional and national scale means you have the advantage of capitalizing on our proven marketing strategies designed to generate immediate RESULTS.

Industry Specialists

What makes Spectrum’s formula especially powerful are industry specialists that truly understand the furniture industry, its unique dynamics and how to drive dependable results.

Greg comes from a successful 25 years of furniture retail background, both as a merchandise manager and furniture store owner for ten years. It’s Greg’s retail background that led him to create some of our most successful furniture direct mail programs.

Office: 603-627-0042

Mobile: 508-523-0937

Mr. Fontaine joins us with an exciting background in targeted, persuasive communications. From political campaigns, to combat deployments as a Psychological Operations Specialist, Jeff has taken the message to the masses for over a decade.

Office: 603-836-1255

Mobile: 603-998-1158

Direct mail yields the lowest cost per lead and highest response rates in the industry.


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