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In Their Own Words: Kabelin Ace Hardware

Kabelin Ace Hardware

Direct Mail Success

“We really enjoy working with Spectrum. They have an amazing design team! The monster mailers that we have done with them have done very well. We had about a 5% response rate! We are always impressed with the quality and service at Spectrum!”

Katie Parkinson,
Marketing & Communications Manager
Kabelin Ace Hardware • La Porte, Indiana

92% of shoppers say they prefer direct mail/advertisements in the mailbox for making purchasing decisions.
77% of people sort through their physical mail as soon as they get it (Epsilon) and the same person gets the mail 91% of the time!
Monster Mailer Kabelin
Monster Mailer Kabelin
74% of consumers always or sometimes notice advertising in Direct Mail.
56% of consumers say they have tried a new business after receiving direct mail, while 70% have renewed previous relationships with businesses!

Product Spotlight: Chunky’s Cinema Pub

The Rule of 7
Chunky's Wall Vinyl application with acrylic signage

Product Spotlight: Chunky’s Cinema Pub

Chunky’s Cinema Pubs is a New Hampshire based movie theater chain, which combines first-run movies and a full pub-inspired food menu to deliver an entertainment experience like no other.
In February 2017, Chunky’s began construction of its flagship location, boasting 10 state-of-the-art theaters and kitchen facilities capable of serving up to 1,200 guests. From the outset, it was determined that a bold visual statement was necessary to create a space that was worthy of the brand, and no expense was spared in the effort.
The accompanying images seen here represent a visual exercise designed to engage and entertain from the moment a guest walks through the door.
Chunky's Cinema and Pub wall signage
Movie strip wall application
Movie strip wall application

Theater Entrances: Each theater received its own themed entrance hallway, dedicated to instantly-recognizable classics from each genre. Textured adhesive vinyl provides long lasting protection to sensitive wall surfaces.

Chunky's Wall Vinyl application with acrylic signage
Main Hallway Filmstrip Mural: A centerpiece timeline dedicated to classic movies and their most recognizable quotes, rendered in a combination of adhesive vinyl, Sintra® PVC and reverse-printed acrylic. Approx. 90’ LOA.
Chunky's wall signage mural
Our goal was a visually stunning space that complimented our guests’ entertainment experience from start to finish. The end result was well beyond our expectations.
Mike Mannetta, Marketing Manager
Chunky’s Cinema Pubs
Main Lobby “Faces” Mural: Utilizing the full height of the nearly 30’ ceiling, the “Wall of Fame” has proven to be the conversation starter of the bar & lounge area, challenging guests to try to name them all. Matte laminated wall fabric with overlaid multi-layered acrylic logo is visible from outside.

Think Print is Dead?

Is Print Dead

Think Print Is Dead?

Is Print Dead

1. Print is tactile and leaves an impression

With print, content and design work together to stand out from the crowd. Email is limited to the flatness of the digital medium.  Direct mail can offer dimension, texture, and variation that can leave a lasting impression on the reader.

2. It's effective

Email may get overlooked, deleted, or marked as spam before being read. A printed piece in your hand will most likely get read before being tossed out. Over 52% of recipients immediately scan or read retail & restaurant direct mail and respond by visiting a website or social media, going to a store location, or a combination of these methods.

3. It's an easy way to target an audience

Looking to reach a specific demographic? For example, consumers over 65 may be more likely to read print than online media and might be easier to target via direct mail. The ability to target and segment a list of desired customers is much more suited to print than digital.

4. Combined with digital, it is more successful

Marketers report an average improvement of 35% for multi-channel campaigns over single-channel campaigns. Using a QR code or trackable URL is a direct opportunity for email follow-up.
Don’t leave any lead behind! Increase your direct mail response by 23-46% with Spectrum Mail Plus.