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2021 Direct Mail Marketing Trends for Success

2021 direct marketing trends for success

Huge Opportunity to Beat the Competition

Improved Targeting

Direct mail is the original king of marketing data.  Response codes, lists, data cards, demographic selects, A/B testing and multiple variation testing have been around for decades, but the tools we leverage now are much more sophisticated.  This is amazing because you can segment your audience and market to them more effectively than ever.

Data sources have more information than ever before. There’s a continued rise in real-time marketing analytics reporting where marketers are able to see how their campaigns are performing and the adjust targeting, messaging to optimize performance.

Your message must be specific to the person receiving your marketing collateral. The more specific you are with identifying demographics the more efficient your marketing will be. Also, your bottom line will thank you.

Direct mail can be very granular with data targeting the right audience at the right time, making it a very powerful marketing and response channel.

Integrate with technology

  • Target Across Channels
  • IP Targeting from Your Mail List
  • Location Targeting
  • Augmented Reality
  • Informed Delivery


Use as much data as you can

Empathy Marketing

powersports omni-channel direct to digital ad solutions

Omnichannel Marketing

Integrate technology with direct mail advertising

What does omnichannel marketing mean many ask?  It’s not just marketing on multiple channels. You’re probably doing that already with your social media campaigns, search ads, and more. True omnichannel marketing is when multiple channels work together with the same coordinated message targeting a singular data-driven audience.  This can be particularly effective when running sales promotions or events.

Touching your audience with a consistent message across direct mail, Informed Delivery, social media, your website or landing page, and online display ads with Google Ads provide the repetitiveness necessary for success.

  • Key Stat:  A combined physical and digital presence can help brands increase their impact by 32%, according to ROI Genome data.
powersports omni-channel direct to digital ad solutions
Informed Delivery Direct Mail to Email

Informed Delivery

Consumers see what’s coming in the mail

Informed Delivery Direct Mail to Email
Spectrum Mail Plus Increase ROI campaigns

Direct Mail Retargeting

Capture mailing addresses from your website – AND MAIL TO HIGH INTEREST PROSPECTS

Increase your campaign success by reaching out to highly engaged prospects who visited your website or landing page.

Spectrum Mail Plus Increase ROI campaigns

Take Advantage of Postal Promotional Rates

Direct mail has transformed into a channel that plays well with others in ways that make sense and increase campaign impressions, engagement, and response.

The USPS has a program giving mailers a 2% discount for incorporating new and emerging marketing and print technologies with mail that’s delivered in 2021.

By working with Spectrum, you’ll already have the advantage of these discounts as well as those we provide through our advanced mail processing and postal logistic services.

Reach out to your dedicated Spectrum marketing expert or contact us today to learn more.


Killer 2 extended gate fold with gift cards holiday direct mail marketing campaign

Captivate With Unique Mail Formats

Get Creative!  Deliver better offers!

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