Advertising’s Most Powerful Words

Everyone knows how important it is to not only say the right thing, but also to say it the right way.  Utilize advertising’s most powerful words to capture interest in seconds.

In marketing, results testing shows that subtle differences in a headline or presentation of information can increase results. Marketing professionals understand the value of communication, both written and verbal, and your objective as a business person is to be confident that your marketing message is maximized and as powerful as possible.

With direct mail pieces or ads in Spectrum Monthly, you have literally seconds to capture a potential customer’s attention and bring them more deeply into your message.

Headline words: You, You’re, and Free are almost mandatory. As in examples like: “You’re gonna love this!” or “FREE this weekend only!” Two other biggies are SAVE and SALE, but those are often overused and have less impact unless there is an obvious coupon or discount shown near the headline.

Other compelling words include: RESULTS, PROVEN, and SAFE. Or you may need to convey efficiency with words like FAST and/or EASY. There is another old standby which still captures the attention visually: NEW! Add urgency with the words NOW and ONLY and LIMITED. Show you mean to back up your claims with a word like GUARANTEE. When you consider this in total, there are other words that may stand out to you to include, such as benefit, healthy, tested, long-term, etc.

Now take a look at your advertising messaging. Does it include these words in the headline and the sub-headings of your message? For many companies, the headline of their message is a logo, which is always wrong and ineffective. No one wants to buy “Joe’s Tree Service.” They want to buy: “Beautify your yard this month and save.” Then they see an offer, and then they will find the logo to see who to call.

When you invest money in an advertising campaign, it should include the most powerful message possible from the reader’s first impression!

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