In Their Own Words

Klem's Success Story and Testimonial

In Their Own Words

Klem's Success Story and Testimonial
As a smaller company, it is important for us to make certain our advertising is effective, and Spectrum Marketing Companies’ exceptional work has had a tremendous impact on our sales! Klem’s would not be where it is today if not for our dependable and professional partnership with them. Spectrum is the backbone of our advertising strategy and has consistently produced excellent, effective results. They clearly have the experience and skill to make a business successful, and our work with them has been both positive and productive.
Since advertising with their direct mail campaigns, which included several response coupons, we have seen a huge increase in traffic to our store, which translates into more leads. The response we got from our spring targeted piece was astonishing – we received back over 800 coupons! In addition, we mail quarterly, personalized Rewards certificates to our loyalty customers. We provide the mailing list, and they do the rest. It’s that easy! It was a great added bonus to offer to the consumer. As we explore different advertising methods, we look forward to continuing the use of these inserts to grow our current customer base.
We advertise in other media and design magazines, but our customers mention Spectrum far more than any other source. We plan to continue making Spectrum a part of all our ongoing marketing efforts because we’re confident it works! For anyone looking for high integrity, and professionally minded advertising, Spectrum Marketing is the company of choice.

– Jess and Mike Klem

Celebrating 25 Years of Powerful Local Advertising

Spectrum Monthly Publications

Celebrating 25 Years Of Powerful Local Advertising Success

A message from the president, Richard Pease

Flash back to the fall of 1991. The economy is jarred by the savings and loan crisis, and officially exited a recession in March of that year, but economic growth was still weak. Into this environment, two twenty-somethings started a direct mail advertising publication with an idea to be different and better. The concept was a publication that provided the delivery reliability and circulation guarantee of direct mail, in combination with the lower printing costs provided by using newsprint. To help both consumers and small businesses, the new publication would offer coupon advertising. Local merchants could generate more business, and recession conscious consumers could save money while buying the goods and services that they wanted.
The mission was to provide local merchants with a quantifiable return on their advertising investment. The ads would be sharp, the offers good, and the publication would feature advertising from a diverse base of merchants so that there would be something inside for everyone to save money on. Many people didn’t think these two young men had a chance. They were frequently advised to go out and get “real” jobs.
Twenty-five years later, Richard Pease and Brian Mikol are proud that Spectrum Monthly has grown from reaching 10,000 homes in the Bedford, NH area, to being the state’s largest monthly direct mail advertising publication with a circulation in New Hampshire and Massachusetts that tops 300,000 homes each month. Hundreds of loyal advertisers still provide savings opportunities to the thousands of Spectrum readers who have come to rely on the publication for shopping and dining savings.
Over the years, format changes have seen the page size increase, and now every page is printed in full color. The distribution is still reliably handled by the U.S. Postal Service. Spectrum is thankful to the many, many businesses who advertise on a regular basis, month after month, into one or all of the 27 zones that the publication currently covers.
The business that started as a direct mail advertising publication has grown and evolved during those 25 years. The great response enjoyed by Spectrum’s advertisers allowed the company to expand into the solo direct mail business. To do this, a small printing company was acquired, followed by a mail house. Steady growth resulted and the range of printing equipment continued to expand. Several years ago the company diversified to include a wide-format signage division.
Spectrum Monthly Publications
In 2002 the company moved to its present location at 95 Eddy Road, located in a mill building on Manchester’s West Side. Starting with one part of one floor, the company now occupies more than 70,000 square feet for its more than 200 employees.
The company’s founders were honored as the Small Businessmen of the Year in 2008 by the US Small Businesses Administration. With a deep commitment to the local community, Spectrum Marketing Companies is pleased to be able to donate to and support very many local non-profit causes, such as New Horizons, the Granite YMCA, The Plus Company, Hope for NH, Easter Seals, the Salvation Army, and many others.
In addition to the Spectrum Monthly publication, Spectrum Marketing offers its clients agency level design services, commercial printing, direct mail, signage and logistics services.

Spectrum Wins Best of Business Award for 2016

2016 Best of Business Award

Best Long Run Printer For 2016

2016 Best of Business Award
“The Spectrum Marketing Companies take full-service printing to the next level. Its commercial print division has a wide range of equipment specifically designed to fulfill a diverse range of requirements. From elaborate 4-color brochures and direct mail to basic stationery and business cards, Spectrum can manage your company’s brand across all your needs. Locally delivered on Spectrum’s private trucking fleet or nationally distributed to multiple locations, you can rest assured that your printing projects will arrive on time.”

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Direct Mail Outperforms All Digital Channels

Direct Mail Holiday Response Out Performs

Direct Mail Outperforms All Marketing Media

Direct Mail Holiday Response Out Performs

Direct Mail Response Rates

Outperforms all digital channels

One critical distinction direct mail continues to hold is its ability to generate a large volume of response in a localized market. While close in cost-per-acquisition to social and other digital channels, direct mail maintains the ability to cost-effectively generate a higher volume of response in a defined geography which is a critical distinction for local marketers.

For example, a local fitness center may be able to generate 50 new members through a PPC or social media campaign but needs to drive 350 new members each month to meet their operating objectives. This is where direct mail shines! The 50 members generated through various digital channels are often the low hanging fruit that has already entered the market on their own and finds the business through their own proactive efforts.

Direct mail takes a more intrusive approach by presenting offers to consumers that would not otherwise have been planning on making a buying decision and pulling them into the market to take advantage of a strong offer.

With so much attention being placed on emerging technologies and digital media trends, direct mail often gets overshadowed. However, successful marketers are driven by results and ROI which direct mail continues to deliver.
The 2017 Direct Marketing Association response rate report published the following key facts regarding direct mail relative to digital channels.

Direct Mail

Direct mail achieves a 5.1% response rate with a house list and a 2.9% response rate with a prospect list.

All Digital Channels Combined

Combined response rate of only 2%

(Email 0.2% for a Prospect list and 0.6% for House/Total list; Social Media 0.4%; Paid Search 0.6%; Display Advertising 0.2%)

Industry Facts

35% of respondents expect to increase the amount of direct mail in the coming year. 46% expect to use the same amount.

Stick With What Works

Marketers continue to embrace multichannel marketing, with 52% of the respondents using three or more channels for their marketing efforts. In these instances, the most popular channels tend to be direct mail, email and social media.

Holiday Marketing Checklist

Holiday Checklist

Holiday Marketing Checklist

Holiday Checklist

It's Never Too Early To Start Planning!

Think it’s too early to start planning for the next holiday season? It’s not! Taking the time to plan out your marketing six months or even a year in advance is not unheard of. Below is a holiday marketing checklist that you can use to help make sure you’re not missing critical marketing points for the next upcoming holiday.

Get Your Message Out Early

We all observe holiday advertising launching earlier every year. To make sure your message doesn’t get lost in the fray, try getting your message out early. If you don’t, your competitors sure will, so beat them to the punch.

Deliver Your Message Frequently

There are multiple periods through the holiday season that can be important for your overall success. Have a plan to achieve the frequency needed to capture the attention your business needs.

Refine Your Offers

The holiday season is an important time of year for almost all businesses including your competitors. Make sure your offers grab the attention of your target market and hold up against your competition during a highly competitive timeframe.
Holiday Promotion direct mail
Holiday signage

Remind Them it's A Unique Event

Once you’ve brought the consumer into your business, use in-store signage and POP materials to reinforce the core message and elevate the sense of urgency to make a purchase.

Don't Forget Your Customers

Retaining and thanking customers is especially important this time of year. Don’t assume they will keep coming back. Send special holiday mailings to “Our Valued Customers” or hold special “Customer Preview Days” before your main holiday sales event.

Get ahead of your competition!

By starting to plan your holiday marketing early, you can get ahead of your competition and ensure that you have a successful holiday season. Remember, you should communicate your message “early and often” and focus on your customers with your offers. Don’t forget to make sure they know it’s a unique event and that there’s a reason for them to come back. Follow this holiday marketing checklist and you’re bound for success!

Quick Serve Restaurant Direct Marketing

Quick serve restaurant signs

Quick Serve Restaurant Direct Marketing

Common Strategies for Success

Spectrum works with hundreds of single and multi-location quick serve restaurants across the country including some of the nation’s most recognized franchise brands.
Each brand uses a different array of mailer sizes and formats, frequency to the mailbox, special offers, and customer targeting methods that we have determined are successful for them.  You can learn more about our restaurant industry mail programs here.

Leverage Proven Solutions

While each brand has unique marketing goals, every approach to direct mail is unique. Here are some common direct marketing strategies that continue to yield superior RESULTS for our quick serve restaurant clients.
Quick serve restaurant signs
use lots of coupons mail piece

Lots of Coupons

Coupon offers are a great way to communicate with your customers – and gain new ones. Consider this: Over half of consumers use a coupon in at least one of every four purchases (RetailMeNot) Coupons are a great way to reward repeat customers – you can even tailor your coupons to your customers so that they receive the best offers you have to give!
Coupons are also a great way to entice prospects into trying your products. A whopping 78% of consumers said that the would be influenced to buy a brand they wouldn’t typically buy because of a coupon (Valassis). If you’re not using coupons, you’re probably missing out on earning new prospects, as well as keeping your loyal customers.

Multiple coupon offers for various items, or staggered for different weeks with different expiration dates.

Bigger is Better

Obviously, the bigger the direct mail piece, the greater than chance of being noticed in the array of mail pieces that arrive daily in your mailbox. However, did you know that prospects are 15% more likely to respond to an oversized mail piece if they have never done business with you?
Spectrum has a number of oversized mail formats, like the Monster Mailer, which at 8.5″ x 14″ , there aren’t many formats larger that fit perfectly in both urban and rural mailboxes. Consider changing to a oversized mail piece and turn your existing 3 second reader into a 30 second reader!

Our 8.5" x 14" Monster Mailers dominate the mailbox!

monster mailer direct mail piece
make them hungry direct mail piece

Make Them Hungry

Use high-quality photography and images of the options on your menu to highlight on your mail piece. Consumers are driven to purchase through attractive design and bold imagery. Especially with quick serve restaurant direct marketing, there’s a big opportunity to be had with the use of oversized direct mail formats combined with professionally taken food images.
With more real estate on an oversized direct mail piece, you can showcase more of your menu options, up-sells and best sellers. Don’t forget the coupons that tie in with your direct mail piece’s photography!

Use oversized mailers that have plenty of space to show lots of great food choices.

POP Support

Finally, coordinate your quick serve direct marketing with your in-store signage for maximum results! Banner-ups, mesh window clings, and counter cards are just a few of the ways you can enhance your customer’s experience at the point-of-purchase to drive them to buy.
Making sure that your POP signage is strategically placed is just as important as matching the message on your direct mail piece, so consider where in your establishment would best help convert that customer to make a purchase. Not sure on where to place your POP signage for maximum effect? Let our industry experts help!

Implement in-store signage with a coordinated message to lift awareness and further increase response.

Quick Serve restaurant aframe and lawn hstake signs

Make Direct Mail Greener

making it all greener

Ways that you can join Spectrum in becoming more environmentally friendly

making it all greener

How you can make direct mail greener

eco friendly recycling leaf

Spectrum is committed to reducing waste and potential adverse environmental impact associated with glossy and post-print coatings.

Join Spectrum in recycling paper and metal products!

6 Reasons Why Your Direct Marketing Should Include Coupons

6 reasons why you should include coupons on your direct mail

6 reasons your direct marketing should include coupons

auto service direct marketing

Including coupons in your marketing helps create loyal customers

The right direct marketing strategy will help you build loyal relationships with customers and make it more likely people will turn to your business when they need a product or service you sell. These days, many shoppers are tightening their belts and trying to do more with less money, making coupons and direct marketing a winning combination.

Not convinced? Here are just six of the reasons you can’t afford to leave coupons out of your direct mail campaigns.

1. Customer Tracking

Sending coupons to customers creates extra opportunities for tracking their behavior. If you send two or three different offers, you will be able to see which offer generates the greatest return on your investment. Including unique tracking codes in each mailing makes it easy to collect data without asking customers to fill out surveys.

2. Targeted Campaigns

Using coupons makes it easy to target your campaigns to specific groups of customers. Want to promote a baby product to new mothers? Design a coupon with pastel colors and pictures of items associated with child care – rattlers, pacifiers, or baby bottles, for example. Selling professional services? Capture interest by designing a coupon with your target audience in mind. Someone in need of a bookkeeper would probably respond better to a conservative design than one with a lot of different colors and font styles.

3. Increased Loyalty

Repeated contact with customers – if they have given you permission to contact them – helps build loyalty. Use your direct marketing coupon campaign to reward people for their past purchases, share birthday wishes with your most valuable customers, or offer special perks to a segment of your list.

4. Customer Retention

If you don’t go out of your way to remind people that your company exists, they might buy products or services from your competitors. Coupons are a valuable tool for retaining existing customers and asking past customers to give your company another try. Tailor your direct marketing offers to consumer behavior for the biggest impact.

5. Brand Reinforcement

Do you know any advertising jingles by heart, even if you haven’t heard them in years? It’s hard to forget those catchy commercials for Meow Mix and Kit Kat bars. Mailing coupons is much more affordable than producing and airing a jingle. You want customers to be able to quickly identify your brand every time you send a mailing.

Reinforce your brand by using these design elements consistently in your direct marketing:

6. Higher ROI

Because mailing coupons is so affordable, it typically has a higher return on investment. Target your customers carefully to increase their chances of redeeming your offer, or else your mailing will not be a success. Many business owners believe they will lose money by mailing coupons, but there are many good reasons to incorporate coupons into your direct marketing strategy. If you target your offers correctly, you will give customers a reason to visit your store and remain loyal to your brand.

Make Your Customer Experience Better

What is your plus

Make Your Customer Experience Better

make your customer experience better - what's your plus?

The experience your customers have during any visit – their first or fiftieth – determines the true strength of your relationship.

Sadly, for all of us in business, one bad experience can outweigh all of the goodwill created by all prior visits. Consumers are fickle and they are more likely to forget about your business than they are to forgive you and your team for a less-than-stellar experience.

Social media sources also mean that a complaint that goes public can damage your reputation with potential customers in a manner that you will never know because these people will never call you or come in. It all means that we have to operate at our best, all of the time. The entire customer experience needs to be excellent and outstanding all of the time.

How do you make your customer experience better?

Try to “plus” every aspect of the client’s experience. Look at it from the customers perspective. Begin with the phone, then the walk in, then the shopping and buying experience, then the checkout experience and then the follow up experience that people have when they do business with your company.

No matter how good, fast, or efficient your process is, it can always be better. “Plus” it!

This is where you think completely how the customer would think. Consider space, signage, traffic patterns, price tags, discounts, customer facing signage and information, and every aspect of your layout and process. Once the physical attributes like cleanliness, organization, etc., are up to the highest possible level, consider your staff. This is where the breakdown in the customer experience usually happens. Don’t be defensive, customer service is a huge deal. You can “plus” this through the setting of policies and procedures that need to be published and explained to all customer facing employees. BUT, and it’s a big BUT, the key to an excellent customer experience is standards and training. The dress code could be “plussed,” and the words said when answering the phone can be improved. When a customer enters your place of business, what is the greeting policy? All of this can be plussed. Your author guarantees it.

The little things matter

Remember that the little things matter.

Welcome signs, clean windows, vacuumed floors, answering the phone in three rings or less, flowers in the ladies room, product descriptions and comparisons beside each item on the shelf, a well dressed staff, no lines, no waiting at checkout, signage that shows where things are located, a hidden employee smoking area and other such things all build to a better customer experience and can be a big deal.

Training matters

Training matters.

Is every customer facing employee trained with product knowledge, and knowledge of the menu, as well as being able to answer questions without having to go get someone else? Consider the value in all of this as it pertains to your own experiences outside of your business. Chances are, you are a tough customer. Would your own team make you happy?

what's your plus

So, how is your business’s customer experience?

Evaluating your business’s customer experience is, for the most part, relatively easy. The challenge comes when you must fix a process that isn’t working well, or when you need to implement a new procedure to ensure success in all areas. Change is never easy, especially if you’ve been in business a while. Ease into changes. Try new things. Consider suggestions made by employees and those outside your organization.

Once you begin to develop your plusses into working procedures, you’ll need to get everyone on board – managers, employees, vendors, etc. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day and changes may be difficult to implement at first, but in the long run, your business will be better for it.

Once you made efforts to improve all aspects of your customer experience, you will be able to set yourself above the competition, or if you already were above the competition, you can now be even better at what you do or sell. You can use this to tell the world in all of your advertising. Customers will notice. Prospects will notice. Your staff will notice. Best of all, your cash register will notice.

Poor Performance?

fix poor performance

Is Your Advertising Suffering from Poor Performance?

Poor Ad Performance

Where is it failing?

Marketers have seen a wide range of traditional advertising become less and less effective in recent years. Some of the reasons for the poor ad performance are obvious, while others require a little more exploration.

Newspapers – Circulation and readership are down so there’s just not enough people seeing your advertisement.

Billboards – The days of relying on consumers to read your billboards as they drive by are gone. Typically, passengers were counted as likely consumers of the message. Most drivers and passengers are talking or focused on their phones or tablets with limited focus on anything outside of their direct line of site, including billboards.

TV / Radio – Digital recording and on-demand TV has enabled consumers to skip advertising. To make matters worse, entire market segments are consuming shows and content through services like Netflix, Hulu, Satellite Radio, and Spotify, that eliminate the potential for effective local advertising altogether.

What about email and digital advertising?

Email – What started out as a potentially dominant marketing tool has been diluted due to a heavy volume of spam and junk emails. Email has been further diminished by the transition to mobile devices with as many as 75% of the market reading most of their email on smartphones or tablets. The high-impact nature of reading on a desktop monitor is now gone and the subject line needs to be compelling or it will likely be skipped over in the millisecond evaluation made by mobile users.

Social Media – While social media will continue to evolve, it is seen by many as potentially hitting a break point where consumers are feeling overwhelmed by the social pressure to participate in sometimes dozens of platforms. From leaders like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to newcomers like Snapchat and Yik Yak, consumers are spending so much time keeping up with the latest trends and generating content that marketers need to question where the real commerce is taking place.

Digital / Online– Search engine marketing and optimization are critical components to any marketing strategy and in most cases provide a reasonably strong ROI. However, this marketing component is heavily reliant on the consumer making a buying decision and actively searching for solutions to make a price comparison. The “in market” consumers are only a small part of the potential market, typically 3% at any given time. As marketers, we need to rely on strategies that pull more prospects into the market BEFORE they choose to enter on their own. Promotional efforts will often limit the extent of competition evaluated at the same time and will greatly increase the number of prospects. It’s great if online efforts generate 50 leads per month at a low cost per lead, however, if a business needs 300-400 prospects to meet its objectives, expanding beyond online efforts aimed primarily at those currently in the market is important.

Does anything perform well?

Using coupons makes it easy to target your campaigns to specific groups of customers. Want to promote a baby product to new mothers? Design a coupon with pastel colors and pictures of items associated with child care – rattlers, pacifiers, or baby bottles, for example. Selling professional services? Capture interest by designing a coupon with your target audience in mind. Someone in need of a bookkeeper would probably respond better to a conservative design than one with a lot of different colors and font styles.

HOUE Rates

What kind of direct mail performs the best?

In our experience, we’ve found that oversized direct mail pieces, such as the monster mailer, are 15% more likely to be noticed by a prospect who hasn’t done business with you yet. At 8.5″ x 14″, this piece still fits into both urban and rural mailboxes and turns your message from a 3 second reader into a 30 second reader. These mailers see a higher response rate because of their increased real estate for a bigger and bolder design for your offers.