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Cover All of Your Bases

Cover All of Your Bases

Generate Better Results with Cross-Channel Marketing

Using the high response generated by direct mail and combining it with additional media formats provides a marketing approach with superior performance. A blended approach allows for the strengths of each media format to offset any potential weaknesses of others to drive better RESULTS.

We all know that direct mail is the cornerstone of any cross-channel marketing experience for B2C companies and remains a healthy channel to drive engagement, but how can you effectively distribute a consistent message to other channels and drive increased results?

Modern direct marketing can use sophisticated customer behavioral and demographic data and can be personalized based on purchases and other behaviors. To further enhance performance, direct mail campaigns can have additional digital components added to boost response rates and enhance various aspects of the program.

Super-charge your direct mail with:

  • IP Targeted Web Display Ads – We can serve web banner ads to the same recipients of your direct mail program before and during the promotional window to improve overall campaign lift. Learn more
  • Targeted Email Marketing – Target the same local market with saturation email or append your customer or acquisition files with email addresses to add frequency to the message you’re delivering. Learn more
Media Format Direct Mail Email IP Targeting In-Store Signage Multi-Channel
High Response Rate X X
Can Be Targeted X X X X
Not Easily Blocked X X X
High Visual Impact X X X
“Sticky” X X
High Household Penetration Level X X
Brand Reinforcement X X X X X
Supports Variable Data X X X
Consistent Experience by Recipient X X X
Low Cost per Impression X X X
Influence of Point-of-Purchase X X
Capable of Delivering Frequency X X X
Linked Directly to Online X X X
Can Time Delivery to the Day X X

Since consistency in messaging is really what makes cross-channel marketing a successful strategy, Spectrum has several technologies designed to make this possible from one source – keeping your effort of execution to a minimum while we control the deployment process.

Depending on the length and type of campaign, our award-winning design team will create a killer direct mailer and any additional digital assets you may need including responsive email design, web banner ads, landing pages, and social media post images. We also deliver campaign results for each channel to help you understand the overall response and to craft follow up or additional promotions.

Spectrum offers multiple ways to integrate your message into additional channels, effectively boosting your promotional marketing campaign before, during, and after your mailer hits home.

Speak to your Spectrum representative about developing a cross-channel experience to cover all the bases you can and make your next promotional campaign a home run!

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