The Impact of Coupons on Consumers

How Coupons Affect Consumers Purchasing Decisions

Use Coupons While Developing Your Direct Mail Marketing Strategy

Coupons play a major role in helping consumers decide where they are going to purchase from. Coupons are a valuable tool for retaining existing customers and asking past customers to give your company another try. You can tailor your direct marketing offers to consumer behavior for the biggest impact. Look at the stats below from various sources to see how coupons affect purchasing behavior, how consumers are looking for coupons, where they’re getting their coupons from, and how much is spent on direct mail marketing.
how customers select the store they purchase from
Before purchasing customers search for coupons
Coupon usage across generations
impact of coupons on purchase behavior
united states direct mail marketing spending
Coupons are a great way to encourage new customers to give your company a try and to ask existing customers to return. Crafting the right offer so that you’re giving the customer something of value and also not putting yourself at a disadvantage is key to your marketing strategy. Creating eye-catching graphics and making your coupons easy to read and understand is also an important factor. Let Spectrum Marketing help you with your direct mail marketing offers and your graphic design.

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