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Boost Your Direct Mail Campaigns With IP Targeted Ads

Imagine being able to target an audience that’s interested in your message with one cross-media marketing campaign. Utilizing our direct mail + IP targeted web banner ads solution, Spectrum will help you advertise to highly-targeted customers and prospects with both physical direct mail marketing and digital online advertisements to lift campaigns with more impressions.

How It Works

You provide Spectrum Marketing with a list of names, addresses and zip codes your sending the direct mail piece to. Addresses are run through an IP mapping system where the IP addresses are matched with physical addresses at a rate of, typically, 50-70% of the list size. Once complete, web banner ads designed with coordinated creative are served online using the IP address as the entry and direct them to your website or landing page.
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Cookie-Based Retargeting Or IP Address Targeting. Which Works Better?

While cookie-based retargeting can be timely, there are many downsides including visitors who may clear their browser history; the cookies are deleted, as well as all retargeting efforts on that particular person. Cookie files also help companies collect personal data, including keyboard behavior, site history, and current location.
Meanwhile, IP Targeting is less intrusive than traditional cookies. Using verified, offline data to reduce and/or eliminate non-human bot traffic, your company will get recognized and receive more quality leads. IP Targeting also meets HIPAA compliancy.
IP Targeting takes the approach of traditional direct mail and matches postal addresses of businesses and homes to IP addresses. It works much like a postal worker delivering personal messages to your laptop and allows businesses to enable one-to-one marketing with clear precision.
Cookie-Based Retargeting IP Targeting
Cookies are gone once deleted Static IPs, capturing new IPs
Cannot verify person Real people by name and address
Predictive data Verified data
Non-human Humans
Quantity Quality

The Future is One-to-One Marketing

With IP Targeting, you will find highly-targeted customers and prospects who will likely be receptive to your message. New and unique ways companies are applying IP Targeting are happening all the time; it makes marketing efforts more efficient.
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Who Can Benefit from Direct Mail Plus IP Targeted Advertising?

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