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Your Campaign ROI is in the Mail

Leverage Spectrum’s Postal Logistics to Minimize Cost, Ensure Timing, and Track Campaign Delivery

Spectrum works to optimize each mail campaign by reducing USPS delivery points.

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Lowering Your Postage Costs

Postage represents a significant part of every direct mail budget and reducing its cost is one of Spectrum’s primary areas of expertise and focus. Our postal analysis and optimization services in conjunction with our private trucking fleet and strategic alliance with FedEx® Freight allows for expedited delivery to postal distribution centers.
After a mail campaign has been completed within our facility, we’ll save you money by utilizing our trucking services to skip multiple postal distribution centers including the origin SCF, regional facility NDC, and Destination Network Distribution Center (NDC) and deliver directly to the clients Local SCF or Local Post Office.  From there the campaign is delivered to the residence or final destination.

Spectrum's Postal Logistics Process

Our goal is for your postage savings to be greater than the cost of the trucking, resulting in faster, trackable delivery.
Spectrum Marketing Companies Mail Data mail house

Spectrum's Mail Facility

Mail campaign design, processing, and optimization is completed in our facility and palletized for delivery.
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Trucking Fleet

We utilize our trucking services to skip the Origin SCF (Sectional Center Facility), regional facility NDC (Network Distribution Center), and Destination Network Distribution Center (NDC).
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SCF or Post office

Campaigns are delivered directly to the clients Local SCF (Sectional Center Facility) or in some cases directly to the clients Local Post Office.
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Delivered to Homes

Your mail campaign is delivered on-time to homes or final destination. We’re able to control and track your campaign through the mail-stream.
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Don't Spend More Than Necessary On postage!

Spectrum’s knowledge is your advantage.

The US Post Office has an extensive range of postage classes and rates all with specific rules and regulations governing their use. We know how to capitalize on the largest discounts while maintaining, or improving, the delivery window for your campaign.
Managing the mail’s insertion into the various points of entry to gain the best rates possible, Spectrum leverages its private transportation fleet and national strategic alliance with FedEx Freight to gain rate and delivery advantages other less sophisticated firms can’t.
United States Postal Service
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Postal Logistic Strategies That Increase Campaign ROI

Improve your marketing campaign performance, conversions, tracking and attribution.

Improve your direct mail marketing campaign performance, conversions, tracking and attribution.