Know Your Customers

Everyone in business has an idea of who their customers are and where they come from.

Frequently, this is a perception that is formulated more by intuitive knowledge than by actual facts. Knowing your customers is obviously important, and there are scientific ways to obtain the information that are significantly better than guessing or assuming.

Spectrum can help you know more about your customers, and we can also help you determine who else is likely to be your customer within your market. We have several tools that we use, and they start with a look at your customer database.

If you can get your client list to your Spectrum account executive, here is what we can do:

It starts with a map. We take the addresses and plot the location of your customers. This gives us a useful visual representation of distance and concentration.

Next, we take the addresses and run what we call a penetration report. This shows us exactly which postal routes your customers live on, and how many customers you have on each route.

The above data helps us draw conclusions using geographic and demographic information to determine where best to focus your marketing efforts.

Finally, for an investment of a few hundred dollars, we can determine specific income, age, and other demographic factors about each of your customers. If this is needed, it can help precisely target more prospects in your market who are not customers. It also helps us to know which of your clients can have an appetite for more business based on their disposable income and other factors.


Using these tools, you can take the guesswork and emotionalism out of your marketing. Have no worries about Spectrum maintaining the confidentiality of your data! It’s what we do, and everything is kept private between us and your business. We will provide a signed non-disclosure agreement if you wish.

The results of these analyses help us to determine what type of mail will work best, and how best to target the mail to yield higher results at a lower cost. It also serves as a general tool to help you develop a growth strategy for your business. The first three steps above are available to you at no charge, and most businesses do not need to go to step four unless the results of the analysis suggests that the investment of a few hundred dollars will be useful.

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