In Their Own Words: Kevin Chauvette

Kevin Chauevette - Testimonial

Mail Works

“In my opinion, there are only 2 ways to grow a business; bring in more new customers, or increase the amount spent or frequency of visit of each current customer. Spectrum has helped with both of these goals. I highly recommend giving them a try, or increasing your marketing efforts with them if you are already utilizing them.”

We Make It Easy

“My representative, Steve Rifkin, handles everything for me and has gone way beyond the expected to provide excellent service. Service like this is very rare these days!”

Try Adding Interest

“With the addition of the hard, credit card sized gift card, I find that people hang onto [my mail piece] much longer, and my success has exceeded the bar that I have set for my marketing.”

There's More For You

“Working with Spectrum has been very simple. I took a tour several months ago and it was well worth my time. I discovered that Spectrum does so much more than I ever thought, and in fact, the idea for the gift card mailer came from a tour of their facility.”

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