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Ways that you can join Spectrum in becoming more environmentally friendly:


How you can help us make direct mail greener:

  • Use finished product sizes that maximize sheet or web-roll yield and reduce the amount of trimmed paper waste. We’ll make recommendations for you!
  • Remember: simply because a piece was designed a certain way does not mean that it has been formatted in the best possible size.
  • Choose to avoid the application of varnish or aqueous coatings. This reduces excessive chemical finishing and consumption.
  • Reduce paper thickness! Consider changing the basis weight (e.g. 80# to 70#). Fewer fibers are needed per sheet of paper, saving resources.
  • Paper Brightness Use paper bright enough for, but not exceeding, the design needs. Increasing brightness may require more bleach and other chemicals in the pulping process.
  • Select paper stocks that are post consumer content recycled. Many paper selections are available and consider avoiding papers that are heavily finished with extra gloss or additional coatings from the mill. Consider avoiding papers that are heavily finished with extra gloss or additional coatings from the mill.
  • Eliminate over matter. Know the quantity or pieces that you will need for your project before you place an order. Don’t guess, plan ahead!
  • Spectrum uses inks that contain vegetable-based products and is friendly to the environment.
  • Be diligent and clean your database mailing lists. Start by purging incomplete, outdated, and duplicate records. Consider “house holding” and eliminating records outside your geographical reach. Always verify and update your list against a certified address correction and national change of address registry software. We can do this for you!

Spectrum is committed to reducing waste and potential adverse environmental impact associated with glossy and post-print coatings.

Join Spectrum in recycling paper and metal products!

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