Monumental Sales Promotions

Monumental Sales Promotions

Focus On Your Customers. Don't Just Send Them a Half-hearted Email. They Are Worth More Than That.

According to the Gartner Group, 20% of your current customers will provide a whopping 80% of your future revenue!
So how do you get them to include you on their winter shopping expeditions? Remind them why they love doing business with you! The best way to do that is to give them an irresistible incentive to come back (offer), a specific time to visit (urgency) and use a method they are most likely to respond to (direct mail).
Direct mail is easier to read and recall. In fact, unaided brand recall with a physical advertisement is 75%, (swamping digital which has only 44%) and over 18% of people say they would respond to direct mail if they were a previous customer (over three times more likely than non-customers).
Direct mail drives traffic. Over 52% of recipients immediately scan or read retail & restaurant direct mail and respond by visiting a website or social media, going to a store location, or a combination of these methods.
The high payoff of using direct mail to reach out to your customers is well worth the cost and effort, but it shouldn’t be your only method of outreach. Combine your direct mail campaign with targeted email, retargeting and social media ads to really lift response and acquire new prospects. Make sure your location is geared to direct customers and attract prospects with appropriate signage and point-of-purchase materials.

When Are You Supposed To Do All of This?

Focus on themed promotions around major holiday weekends. Your customers are already accustomed to looking for bargains during these periods, and it’s easier to ask them to visit you when they are in this mindset rather than to change their buying behavior. There are some exceptions that can yield excellent weekend sales, anniversary sales, special clearance sales, (moving, re-opening, remodeling, etc.) and VIP customer appreciation sales to name a few.
The key is to let your customers know about the promotion in a way that can cut through the clutter:
  • Use over-sized mail pieces with high-impact design highlighting the offers
  • Combine your mail with a follow-up email reminding your customers of the promotion
  • Offer friends & family referral rewards discounts
It is no coincidence then that direct mail now holds 5.3% response rate from a house list and 2.9% response from a prospect list (up 1.6% and 1.9% respectively from 2015).
Spectrum Marketing has proven direct mail promotions for all of your upcoming events, as well as the expertise to get your message noticed and delivered to your customers on time. With the rush of winter businesses, the best time to get started is RIGHT NOW.

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