Optimize Your Mail…and Reduce Postage Costs

The US Postal Service, despite what some people want to say, is actually very efficient. However, there are rules which have to be followed in order to make your USPS experience as satisfactory as possible.

There are classifications of mail that are useful to know and ways to minimize your postal costs while being assured of reliable delivery.

Before you consider your next mailing, here are a few tips to help you choose which way to mail.  Or contact a Spectrum Direct Marketing Expert and we’ll assist you every step of the way.



The most expensive but also fastest and easiest form of mail is a good old 49 cent letter with a stamp. However, if your list features more than 500 pieces, there is a category called “presorted first class,” which drops that 49 cent rate down to 41 cents or maybe even less. This savings is available if we barcode the pieces and sort them in a manner that the PO can save time when processing the mail. Your mail still gets the benefit of one-to-three day delivery anywhere in the US, and offers free forwarding and return service.


Next comes standard mail, which drops that postage down by half or even more off the single piece first class rate. You compromise on time of delivery. However, this mail can take 5-7 days if it’s local, but if you have the time and plan accordingly, this is a viable option. This can be used on any mailing that’s more than 200 pieces, and it must include a bar code and other sorting steps, but the postage savings are in almost all cases greater than the cost of preparing the mail. There are no return or forwarding services on this type of mail, except in specific cases which do incur an additional fee.


Finally, the least expensive way to mail is called “saturation” mail, and it requires you to mail every household on a particular postal route. This classification of mail is even less expensive than basic standard mail rates. It also moves very quickly through the postal system, and usually takes between one and four days for in-home delivery.  Spectrum takes saturation mail to another level with Smart Saturation Mailing which more specifically and effectively targets just the customers and prospects you want to reach by defining you current customers, your competitors, and how you can penetrate the market you want to dominate.

Whichever type of mail you choose depends on the size and weight of the piece and the timeliness of the delivery that you need. Ask us for details and we can provide you with a postal regulation road map that will be useful in minimizing your postage expenses!

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