Show Your Customers Some Love

Focusing on your current customers could mean a better ROI for your future marketing campaigns.

customer retention show them some love

This Valentine’s Day, or every day, is a good time to think of your customers and show them how much they mean to your business. Your current customers are some of your greatest assets and you can take full advantage of that by focusing on customer retention.

A benefit of focusing on your current customers is that you will spend less money on marketing to them than you will spend trying to acquire new customers. Some things you can do to help retain your current customers include:

  • Sending frequent communications in the form of direct mail that shows how much you appreciate your customers. You can include coupons or offers to help you succeed in this category.
  • Listening to your customers by setting up channels to field incoming feedback and using them to better your products and services.
  • Using social media platforms to engage with your customers frequently in a positive and courteous manner.

If you don’t go out of your way to remind people that your company exists, they might buy products or services from your competitors. Coupons are a valuable tool for retaining existing customers and asking past customers to give your company another try. You can tailor your direct marketing offers to consumer behavior for the biggest impact.

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Speaking of big impacts, did you know that 20% of your current customers will provide 80% of your future revenue? Things Remembered knows this and made an effort to market specifically to their current customers to increase their ROI.

“In an effort to increase sales and consumer traffic at its 800 retail stores, pink-and-red postcards will be sent to consumers who bought at Things Remembered for Valentine’s Day last year.”
“Things Remembered Woos Customers for Valentine’s Day” – DMN

Spectrum Marketing has the experience to help you with a custom tailored direct mail campaign with targeted email. Give us a call now to see how we can help your customer retention today!

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