Spice up the sizzle with direct mail marketing

It’s all about connections that you can make with your audience.

You’ve got a great marketing idea, and a plan to execute it. You’re all ready to go for the all important Spring Inventory Clearance sale. The ads are set, the in-store signage and price tags are ready to be set out, and you have a direct mail piece ready to go to all of the customers in your database.

Here’s where you can consider adding the spice to make the marketing plan really sizzle. It’s all about connections that you can make with your audience. These extra steps enhance involvement with your sale and your message. QR codes, the square barcodes that you see everywhere are very common, but they are also easy to implement. Place QR codes on your signage and your mail and in your ads. But don’t let the QR code go just to your basic website. The QR code can be set to a landing page that specifically addresses your sale. It can feature pictures of sale items that show the sale prices, and perhaps even a coupon.

Think about your mail piece. What about a scratch-off offer? The scratch-off is almost irresistible to people who receive mail. They want to see what is under the circle. Your Spectrum account executive can show you ways to make the scratch-off work that are incredibly cost effective. You will notice the enhanced response.

How about in-store coupons? These are small, business card sized hand outs that are very inexpensive to produce but result in a huge ROI. With rounded corners on glossy stock, these hand outs can feature special sale items, or can be a coupon good for that day only on whatever merchandise you choose. Simple, but they are a highly effective way to get your prospects more involved with your sale message.

What’s on your windows? When you are having any type of sales event, the windows should be used to blast out the message. Use clings that are removable and inexpensive to attract the attention of everyone passing your windows. They become more relevant because the message is one of urgency and is directed at people who not only come in to your business, but come in to save during the special sale time period. The design should be explosive, and Spectrum’s 20 plus designers know how to make your simple sale message become an exciting magnet to bring people in.

When it comes to marketing, don’t just get by. Add all the spice necessary to make your marketing plans go over the top!

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