Spring Marketing Strategies that Work

Spring Marketing Strategies That Work

Believe it or not, Spring is right around the corner! And with it comes a host of exciting Spring marketing strategies that your business can capitalize on. Here's some fun ideas and tips we've compiled to help you plan.

It’s almost Spring and with it comes a renewed sense of elation, hope, more sunshine and longer days, seasonal allergies, renewed life and suddenly, the world seems like a better place. So, let’s take this sunshined bliss and positive energy to the next level with our marketing strategies!

The Spring season can make a considerable mark on your annual marketing plan and for some, it’s critical to a successful year.

Spring Marketing Campaign Tips

Do some spring cleaning!

Springtime is a great time to get rid of products and services that haven’t been very successful or as profitable as you would like.  Perhaps you have too much inventory and need to shrink it fast to make room for new products. If so, create an insanely irresistible deal or special offer to reduce stock and focus on more profitable products and services. We know a thing or two about great offers and coupons – they drive people to your business.  

Breathe new life into your products and services

You don’t have to launch brand new products and services to market with Spring-themed creative and messaging.  It’s a perfect time to breathe new life into how you present your business and your most important products or services.

Make a list of your top 3-5 most popular items and note the features that have contributed to their success and then position them in a new light as part of a Spring campaign.

Consider reaching out to your most influential customers and ask them to describe the benefits of your product at this time of year. Feature the testimonials and how they relate to a “fresh start” or “personal growth”, etc. and promote them with complementary colors and creative to reinforce the seasonal aspect and urgency to purchase.

lawn care industry direct mail

Design with Spring Themes to Inspire

Don't forget great graphic design can inspire action!

It’s easy to get caught up on statistics, data, audience trends, new markets and campaign dates, but don’t forget that in the end, the design really matters.  The most well-thought, data-driven targeted campaign won’t succeed if your mailer doesn’t catch their eye with the design.

Focus on the following elements to keep your design fresh, trendy, and impossible to ignore.

  1. Use vibrant, energized, enthusiastic, and eye-catching colors, textures, gradients (but be careful not to don’t overdo it!), and striking photos. Break them out of the winter funk!

  2. Try and evoke EMOTION (yes, I am yelling to illustrate my point) from the design!

  3. Target your audience with a custom message specific to them in some way!  We’ve shown you enough stats on personalization – it matters!  Whether it’s their name, sex, buying history, or other factor that develops that 1:1 connection, complete that great design with something that resonates with the individual.
Spring Direct Mailer

Spring Season Sales Events

Industries like hardware, lawncare, landscaping, sporting events, motorcycle and car dealerships can benefit from the good weather and people’s desire to get outside.

Create an open house event and promote with direct mail campaigns to encourage people to visit your location and take advantage of the great deals. Make it fun!  Giving them a bunch of offers so that they are relative to each individual and have them redeem on site.

Once they are there, you will have the opportunity to create a stronger relationship with your customers and also upsell!

furniture store invite mailer

Create community events

Everybody loves getting outside as the weather begins to get warm and grass and flowers sprout. Take advantage of the good weather and leverage this part of Spring to cultivate more engagement at your retail location and on your social marketing channels. 

Businesses such as lawncare, landscaping, and pool supply companies often encourage customers to share photos of their new backyards, fresh cut lawns, and clean pools. Get active and use these real stories in your direct mail and marketing campaigns to raise excitement and reinforce trust in your business, product, or services.

Make yourself relevant during the Spring season

Struggling to find a way to use Spring in your marketing? It may not seem to be super relevant to your business, however you can still create value by driving traffic to your website when you attach messaging to a Spring theme.

For example, daycare facilities use super fun photos of children playing outside to grab attention while using the Spring theme. Any business can benefit from a Spring theme, but understanding what your customers care about during this time of year can help you develop a relevant campaign

Spring holidays drive sales

Run a sales event or contest around Spring holidays

Everyone thinks of Easter (April 17), Earth Day (April 22), graduation events, Mother’s Day (May 8), and Memorial Day (May 30) as the most popular holidays to marketing around, but you can also find a day that works particularly well for your product or service.  

Here’s a list of some other holidays during the Spring season.  Perhaps one will inspire your next campaign!

  • May 5: Cinco De Mayo
  • May 21: Armed Forces Day
  • May 23: Victoria Day
  • May 24: National Brother Day
  • May 28: National Burger Day
  • May 31: World No Tobacco Day

Work the tax season into your marketing

Springtime always brings the tax deadline into focus. People are thinking about what they are going to buy with their tax refunds – or they find out they have a little extra this year than expected.

Try incorporating a tax theme into your marketing strategy.  It could be a simple reference or naming convention of your sales event, or even used for specific specials and deals.

If your service is tax deductible, then definitely leverage that to gain increased engagement, signups, and sales.

Offer tax incentives like coupons good for the weeks around and after tax deadline to allow adequate time to use their refunds. Giving a sense of urgency always boosts sales!

tax season marketing letter to customers

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