Direct Mail vs Email

Direct Mail versus Email missing the boat spectrum marketing

Direct Mail vs Email for Retention Marketing

Direct Mail versus Email missing the boat spectrum marketing

Here’s why you may be missing the boat if your customer retention, loyalty programs and loss recovery efforts are overly reliant on email.

Direct Mail versus Email Spam

Over-reliance on email

The same technological evolution that made email an attractive tool is now working again and those that have it come to overly-rely on it. Email’s low cost of execution has introduced tremendous volumes of activity that the average consumer is forced to sift through on a daily basis.

Low trust level with email

A growing portion of this activity is from questionable sources including; SPAM attacks, phishing schemes and those committing outright fraud by impersonating companies that a recipient might have an existing relationship with. This has caused the trust level within the email marketing category to fall dramatically.

Mobile’s effect on email

Technology further impacted email’s effectiveness with the rapid shift to mobile communications and the reduced utilization of the desktop computer as the primary device. Email messages went from having a high level of impact on the desktop to being presented by short summary text on a mobile device that in most cases doesn’t display any images unless expressly opened.
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Direct mail generates a 4.4% response rate compared to email’s average of .12%

“Which is more effective at getting you to take action?”

30% of millennials said direct mail, while 24% said email.