Get off the Wall with Signs!

Off the Wall with Signs

Get Off The Walls With Signs

Postcard Mailer

Advertisements Are Everywhere

In this day and age, everyone is drowning in advertisements. Everywhere we look, we’re surrounded. “BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!”, “HUGE DISCOUNTS!”, “ACT NOW WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!”… it can all just blend together to the point where none of it really grabs your attention. At Spectrum Marketing, we have a solution that will literally have you standing out from your competitors.

Large Format Dimensional Signs

Dimensional signs go beyond the norm, beyond being just another advertisement and become the high-profile advertising solution you need to get your message seen.

Our large format dimensional signs provide nearly infinite possibilities for you to creatively market your business in a way that will seize the eyes of the passer-by and demand their attention. Give us a call today, and we can help get you on the path to success!

How Do I Get Started

First, we will discuss with you what you hope to achieve with your new dimensional signs. Perhaps you have a new product that deserves the royal treatment to kick it off, or you have a limited time offer for which you need to create awareness. Whatever your needs, we can fulfill them.
After helping you conceptualize your idea, the project will move along to our graphics department where we can create anything you want, much faster than you would have ever thought possible! Our talented creative team has years of experience creating stunning dimensional signs that are certain to achieve the RESULTS you’re looking for.

After approval of final artwork, your sign will be produced and can be installed by one of our 3M Certified installers in 5 to 10 business days. From call to concept to on the wall. It’s that simple! Call us today and STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD!”

Pizza 911 Flat Dimensional looking signage

In Their Own Words

Klem's Success Story and Testimonial

In Their Own Words

Klem's Success Story and Testimonial
As a smaller company, it is important for us to make certain our advertising is effective, and Spectrum Marketing Companies’ exceptional work has had a tremendous impact on our sales! Klem’s would not be where it is today if not for our dependable and professional partnership with them. Spectrum is the backbone of our advertising strategy and has consistently produced excellent, effective results. They clearly have the experience and skill to make a business successful, and our work with them has been both positive and productive.
Since advertising with their direct mail campaigns, which included several response coupons, we have seen a huge increase in traffic to our store, which translates into more leads. The response we got from our spring targeted piece was astonishing – we received back over 800 coupons! In addition, we mail quarterly, personalized Rewards certificates to our loyalty customers. We provide the mailing list, and they do the rest. It’s that easy! It was a great added bonus to offer to the consumer. As we explore different advertising methods, we look forward to continuing the use of these inserts to grow our current customer base.
We advertise in other media and design magazines, but our customers mention Spectrum far more than any other source. We plan to continue making Spectrum a part of all our ongoing marketing efforts because we’re confident it works! For anyone looking for high integrity, and professionally minded advertising, Spectrum Marketing is the company of choice.

– Jess and Mike Klem

Direct Mail Outperforms All Digital Channels

Direct Mail Holiday Response Out Performs

Direct Mail Outperforms All Marketing Media

Direct Mail Holiday Response Out Performs

Direct Mail Response Rates

Outperforms all digital channels

One critical distinction direct mail continues to hold is its ability to generate a large volume of response in a localized market. While close in cost-per-acquisition to social and other digital channels, direct mail maintains the ability to cost-effectively generate a higher volume of response in a defined geography which is a critical distinction for local marketers.

For example, a local fitness center may be able to generate 50 new members through a PPC or social media campaign but needs to drive 350 new members each month to meet their operating objectives. This is where direct mail shines! The 50 members generated through various digital channels are often the low hanging fruit that has already entered the market on their own and finds the business through their own proactive efforts.

Direct mail takes a more intrusive approach by presenting offers to consumers that would not otherwise have been planning on making a buying decision and pulling them into the market to take advantage of a strong offer.

With so much attention being placed on emerging technologies and digital media trends, direct mail often gets overshadowed. However, successful marketers are driven by results and ROI which direct mail continues to deliver.
The 2017 Direct Marketing Association response rate report published the following key facts regarding direct mail relative to digital channels.

Direct Mail

Direct mail achieves a 5.1% response rate with a house list and a 2.9% response rate with a prospect list.

All Digital Channels Combined

Combined response rate of only 2%

(Email 0.2% for a Prospect list and 0.6% for House/Total list; Social Media 0.4%; Paid Search 0.6%; Display Advertising 0.2%)

Industry Facts

35% of respondents expect to increase the amount of direct mail in the coming year. 46% expect to use the same amount.

Stick With What Works

Marketers continue to embrace multichannel marketing, with 52% of the respondents using three or more channels for their marketing efforts. In these instances, the most popular channels tend to be direct mail, email and social media.

Make Direct Mail Greener

making it all greener

Ways that you can join Spectrum in becoming more environmentally friendly

making it all greener

How you can make direct mail greener

eco friendly recycling leaf

Spectrum is committed to reducing waste and potential adverse environmental impact associated with glossy and post-print coatings.

Join Spectrum in recycling paper and metal products!

6 Reasons Why Your Direct Marketing Should Include Coupons

6 reasons why you should include coupons on your direct mail

6 reasons your direct marketing should include coupons

auto service direct marketing

Including coupons in your marketing helps create loyal customers

The right direct marketing strategy will help you build loyal relationships with customers and make it more likely people will turn to your business when they need a product or service you sell. These days, many shoppers are tightening their belts and trying to do more with less money, making coupons and direct marketing a winning combination.

Not convinced? Here are just six of the reasons you can’t afford to leave coupons out of your direct mail campaigns.

1. Customer Tracking

Sending coupons to customers creates extra opportunities for tracking their behavior. If you send two or three different offers, you will be able to see which offer generates the greatest return on your investment. Including unique tracking codes in each mailing makes it easy to collect data without asking customers to fill out surveys.

2. Targeted Campaigns

Using coupons makes it easy to target your campaigns to specific groups of customers. Want to promote a baby product to new mothers? Design a coupon with pastel colors and pictures of items associated with child care – rattlers, pacifiers, or baby bottles, for example. Selling professional services? Capture interest by designing a coupon with your target audience in mind. Someone in need of a bookkeeper would probably respond better to a conservative design than one with a lot of different colors and font styles.

3. Increased Loyalty

Repeated contact with customers – if they have given you permission to contact them – helps build loyalty. Use your direct marketing coupon campaign to reward people for their past purchases, share birthday wishes with your most valuable customers, or offer special perks to a segment of your list.

4. Customer Retention

If you don’t go out of your way to remind people that your company exists, they might buy products or services from your competitors. Coupons are a valuable tool for retaining existing customers and asking past customers to give your company another try. Tailor your direct marketing offers to consumer behavior for the biggest impact.

5. Brand Reinforcement

Do you know any advertising jingles by heart, even if you haven’t heard them in years? It’s hard to forget those catchy commercials for Meow Mix and Kit Kat bars. Mailing coupons is much more affordable than producing and airing a jingle. You want customers to be able to quickly identify your brand every time you send a mailing.

Reinforce your brand by using these design elements consistently in your direct marketing:

6. Higher ROI

Because mailing coupons is so affordable, it typically has a higher return on investment. Target your customers carefully to increase their chances of redeeming your offer, or else your mailing will not be a success. Many business owners believe they will lose money by mailing coupons, but there are many good reasons to incorporate coupons into your direct marketing strategy. If you target your offers correctly, you will give customers a reason to visit your store and remain loyal to your brand.

Why Choose Direct Mail?

Why choose direct mail

Why Choose Direct Mail

Why Choose Direct Mail

Will It Work? Is Direct Mail Marketing Still A Viable Medium? Is It Cost Effective?

It is common to question the effectiveness of direct mail pieces in today’s digital world. Surprisingly to some, the answer to these questions is a resounding, “yes!” and for many reasons. Learn more about the top reasons why direct mail advertising is still a great marketing solution.

Direct Mail Has Higher Than Average Response Rates

Any direct marketing endeavor that you invest in needs to have a positive and quantifiable return on your investments. The “will it work?” question is most important. In survey after survey, study after study, from those commissioned by the US Postal Service to those commissioned by the Direct Marketing Association, the efficiency and cost effectiveness of direct mail is validated and affirmed with high response rates. In fact, the acquisition cost of a new customer via direct mail is actually lower than that from email, and other forms of electronic media.

Here’s The Top Reasons Why It’s Still A Great Marketing Solution.

Direct mail works for businesses large and small.

Direct mail can be very successful for both small business and larger companies and franchise organizations.  By nature, direct mail uses highly targeted customer and prospect lists that reach more people in a particular geographic and demographic area.  Learn more about targeted lists here >.

Quantifiable Return On Investment

Return-on-investment: Direct mail, when accompanied with a viable and trackable offer, allows you to know how much revenue you generated from it and how many new customers you earned. You can then compare that to the lifetime value of a customer, or the annual value of a customer, and come up with a very sophisticated analysis. Unlike display ads and most digital ads, direct mail success or failure is easy to track. The math is easy to do. In many cases, customer acquisition mail yields a 10X or greater ROI, and when sent to your customer base can yield 20X or better. This means that an investment of $4000 should yield you $40,000 or more in business that you otherwise would not have earned.

Customer and Prospect Targeting is Truly 1 to 1

The US postal service reaches every home in America six days a week. One offshoot of the electronic age is that the companies who provide mailing lists know so much about every home in America, that direct mail (combined with IP Targeting) is the most targeted 1:1 marketing channel available today. A message can be sent to only those people whom you want to receive your message. Whether it is an entire street or neighborhood, or only households with children under twelve or homes with certain incomes, you can obtain a mailing list so that you can send mail with the right message to that audience.

Direct Mail Has a Shelf Life

Mail is tangible and has a shelf life or retention factor. Unlike a digital or electronic message that requires recall on the part of target audience and disappears from the ether instantly, a direct mail piece is tangible. It can be read and re-read. Coupons can be clipped off once or multiple times. It can be hung on the refrigerator or placed near the phone.

People respond to direct mail solicitations days, weeks or even months after a piece was mailed. Your well-designed mail piece can carry several offers that show value on multiple products or services that you offer. You can discount your best sellers or your worst sellers, or both, depending upon your marketing objectives.

Mail is intrusive and can’t be totally ignored.

Mail is intrusive. Every day, someone from every home in America has an opportunity to get the mail and interact with it. Unsolicited mail pieces are expected, and even sought by the majority of mail recipients. For reaching and sending a message to your own customers, direct mail is expected and frequently received. While email fatigue is a real trend and people delete advertising messages at the push of a button, tangible direct mail pieces are read and often evoke an immediate desire to respond or save the piece for future use.

And Millennials Like Receiving Direct Mail

Young people like to get mail as much as anyone. Check out this article to learn more.

Customize a Winning Direct Mail Campaign for Your Business

How will you know if mail will work for you? Ask us to help you develop a plan, and we can help make your mail exceed your expectations!  Our direct marketing specialists are experienced in your industry and market.  Leverage a proven campaign strategy to successfully grow your business.


Resurgence of the Printed Newsletter

Resurgence of the printed newsletter

Resurgence of the Printed Newsletter

Resurgence of the Printed Newsletter

Technology has played a major role in both the reduction of printed newsletters and their current comeback.

With the initial adoption of email marketing as a cost-effective alternative to mailing physical newsletters, the traditional newsletter was thought to have become almost extinct. While marketers had always recognized the ability of the hardcopy versions to deliver their messages effectively, the cost reductions by delivering via email were just too attractive to pass up.

So, what changed?

Basically, it was technology

Ironically another technological evolution has all but eliminated the viability of electronic newsletters and their reliance on email delivery. Forget the accepted challenges of SPAM filtering, cluttered inboxes and the fact that the average user pages through emails faster than ever before, the new obstacle was simply a knockout punch.

With the rapid adoption of mobile devices, email communications moved from the desktop to what is now primarily a mobile device-centric interaction. While continuing to evolve, it is estimated that as much as 70% of emails are opened on a mobile device. Regardless of the format, which can include a PDF attachment or the latest responsive email design, a content rich newsletter is simply not going to get consumed in a mobile environment.

Increase your engagement

Tangible marketing is always more engaging if done right

As marketers have seen the ROI of electronic versions slide, the printed versions have reemerged along with the advantages they’ve always had. The physical nature of a printed piece along with its ability to engage, involve and communicate more extensive content has given new life back to the printed newsletter and all it delivers.

Optimize Your Mail…

Optimize Your Mail

Optimize your mailing lists and reduce your postage costs

The US Postal Service, despite what some people want to say, is actually very efficient. However, there are rules which have to be followed in order to make your USPS experience as satisfactory as possible.

There are classifications of mail that are useful to know and ways to minimize your postal costs while being assured of reliable delivery.

Before you consider your next mailing, here are a few tips to help you choose which way to mail.

Or contact a Spectrum direct marketing expert and we’ll assist you every step of the way.

Optimize Your Mail

Traditional stamped mail

Find savings where you can

The most expensive but also fastest and easiest form of mail is a good old 49 cent letter with a stamp. However, if your list features more than 500 pieces, there is a category called “presorted first class,” which drops that 49 cent rate down to 41 cents or maybe even less. This savings is available if we barcode the pieces and sort them in a manner that the PO can save time when processing the mail. Your mail still gets the benefit of one-to-three day delivery anywhere in the US, and offers free forwarding and return service.

Standard mail

Compromise on your delivery time, but, save more money

Next comes standard mail, which drops that postage down by half or even more off the single piece first class rate. You compromise on time of delivery. However, this mail can take 5-7 days if it’s local, but if you have the time and plan accordingly, this is a viable option. This can be used on any mailing that’s more than 200 pieces, and it must include a bar code and other sorting steps, but the postage savings are in almost all cases greater than the cost of preparing the mail. There are no return or forwarding services on this type of mail, except in specific cases which do incur an additional fee.

Smart saturation mail

Save the most and move quickly through the postal system

Finally, the least expensive way to mail is called “saturation” mail, and it requires you to mail every household on a particular postal route. This classification of mail is even less expensive than basic standard mail rates. It also moves very quickly through the postal system, and usually takes between one and four days for in-home delivery.  Spectrum takes Saturation Mail Programs to another level with Smart Saturation Mailings which more specifically and effectively targets just the customers and prospects you want to reach by defining you current customers, your competitors, and how you can penetrate the market you want to dominate.  We can also filter out dropped addresses from your list resulting in reduced waste and increased ROI.

Whichever type of mailing program you choose depends on the size and weight of the piece and the timeliness of the delivery that you need. Ask us for details and we can provide you with a postal regulation road map that will be useful in minimizing your postage expenses!