Advertising’s Most Powerful Words

Advertising's Most Powerful Words

Advertising's most powerful words

Advertising's Most Powerful Words

The Difference Between Good and Great Results is Subtle

In marketing, results testing shows that subtle differences in a headline or presentation of information can increase results. Marketing professionals understand the value of communication, both written and verbal, and your objective as a business person is to be confident that your marketing message is maximized and as powerful as possible.

Utilize Advertising’s Most Powerful Words to Capture Interest in Seconds

Everyone knows how important it is to not only say the right thing, but also to say it the right way

In marketing, results testing shows that subtle differences in a headline or presentation of information can increase results. Marketing professionals understand the value of communication, both written and verbal, and your objective as a business person is to be confident that your marketing message is maximized and as powerful as possible.

With direct mail pieces or ads in Spectrum Monthly, you have literally seconds to capture a potential customer’s attention and bring them more deeply into your message.

Let’s Talk About Your Headline

Words can be compelling if you use the right ones and use them the right way

Headline words: You, You’re, and Free are almost mandatory. As in examples like: “You’re gonna love this!” or “FREE this weekend only!” Two other biggies are SAVE and SALE, but those are often overused and have less impact unless there is an obvious coupon or discount shown near the headline.

Other compelling words include: RESULTS, PROVEN, and SAFE. Or you may need to convey efficiency with words like FAST and/or EASY. There is another old standby which still captures the attention visually: NEW! Add urgency with the words NOW and ONLY and LIMITED. Show you mean to back up your claims with a word like GUARANTEE. When you consider this in total, there are other words that may stand out to you to include, such as benefit, healthy, tested, long-term, etc.

What Does Your Message Look Like?

Make sure that your message also includes your headline words

Now take a look at your advertising messaging. Does it include these words in the headline and the sub-headings of your message? For many companies, the headline of their message is a logo, which is always wrong and ineffective. No one wants to buy “Joe’s Tree Service.” They want to buy: “Beautify your yard this month and save.” Then they see an offer, and then they will find the logo to see who to call.

When you invest money in an advertising campaign, it should include the most powerful message possible from the reader’s first impression!

Personalized Marketing

man at point of sale

Personalized Marketing

man at point of sale

Find savings where you can

You are an individual with your own unique likes and dislikes, yet most of the marketing that is aimed at you is completely generic. This is partly because many products have a very broad appeal and the messaging around them is as inclusive as it possibly can be. It is also partly because marketing that is personalized is perceived as being significantly more expensive than generic messages.
However, the use of personalized marketing usually results in significantly higher readership rates, which, when placed with a valid and credible offer, raises the response rate of the marketing effort.

Enhance Response

The key is personalizing your marketing without blowing the marketing budget

There are several ways to accomplish the goal of enhancing response through personalization.
There are two primary targets of direct marketing: customer acquisition and customer retention.

Add Their Name

Customer retention is the easiest

You already know specifically whom you are trying to reach, either through a direct mail piece, an email, or a phone call. Personalization here should include the most specific messaging that you possibly can achieve through the effective analysis of your database. For example, if you know that Sally Smith last spent $350 on a widget, and you need to sell her the new, improved model, you are going to look at your entire database. How many others are in this category? The messaging that you choose to send to Sally and those like her must be focused on the widget upgrade. You are personalizing the marketing message and the sales offer without specifically recognizing Sally by name. Adding Sally’s name somewhere other than on the address line (of the mail piece or the email) makes the piece much more personal. This can be accomplished in the greeting line of a variable letter or email. In addition, if you are contacting Sally via the mail with a post card type of piece, there are ways to personally address Sally without incurring variable data charges.

Don't Stop There

Your personalized message to your customer, Sally, should include more than just her name

The message should speak to her buying trends or her known product affiliations. If you really want to maximize the message, you can include an additional discount for Sally if she brings in the mail piece. Addressing personalization issues with customer acquisition mail is perhaps more important, since the prospect that you are reaching out to may not be familiar with your business and has no established buying habits to address with an offer or graphic that would be appealing to them specifically. Acquisition techniques usually involve renting a mailing list of people who fall within certain geographic, demographic and psychographic parameters. You can segment the list once it is obtained and focus different messaging to each segment to maximize results. If you are using a letter, you can focus not only the artwork, but also the prospect’s name in the form of personalization. Speak directly to the prospect both by name and by interest, and you will significantly enhance their interest level and thereby the likelihood of them responding to your offer.

Direct marketing efforts require thought and preparation

Remember that a few extra customers coming through the door can make a significant bottom line difference to your business. A professional direct mail expert can show you many ways to enhance response through the proper and cost effective use of personalization for your outbound marketing efforts.

Communicate Your USP

Comminucate your unique selling proposition

Communicate Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

unique selling propostition

What is a Unique Selling Proposition (USP)?

Unique selling proposition (USP) or unique selling point is defined as a unique benefit exhibited by a business, service or brand that distinguishes itself from its competitors. Typically, it’s a product or service benefit that is both unique and is meaningful to consumers. Whether it’s how the product or service is sold or consumed or if the product itself is unique though solves a common problem, the unique selling proposition should be clear and stand out from the competition.

What is my Unique Selling Proposition (USP)?

Every business experiences competition. And every day some other business is trying to take your existing customers and develop as many new customers as they can. We must all be sharper than ever in the ways that we try to obtain potential new customers. A very vital part of this process is determining and promoting your company’s unique selling proposition.
This concept of the USP is vital to your communication with your existing customers as well as prospects. Determining your unique selling proposition may seem easy or obvious, but you have to examine what you think it is with a truly objective approach. Here is an exercise: write down what you think is unique about your business. Why is it different than the competition in your market and why should people come to your business over all of the other choices?
Now that you have your thoughts on this, boil it down to a unique selling proposition. Something along the lines of: “At Sally’s Salon, you will not only find all of the services that you expect, but we have the best possible formula for your hair’s good health, and we offer more comprehensive styles than any other salon.” Now take a few minutes and Google your competitors. What are they saying about themselves and their services? You will probably find that your USP is not that unique at all. In fact, your competitors may be very similar in the manner in which they present themselves to the public. This should prompt you to dig deeper and to think more creatively about it.

Develop a USP that is Truly Unique

Your goal is to develop a unique selling proposition that is truly unique, and it should be easily expressible in the advertising message that you send to your potential customers.

Look deeper to find a better answer

Does your business have the lowest price points for certain services? What do you offer that no other business does? If you offer the same products or services, what is different about the way you sell the items? Free home delivery? Lifetime warranty? Dig into your processes and develop that concept of uniqueness. Quite possibly the uniqueness comes from a combination of two or three things that you offer.
For example, Neon You Fitness has to compete against other health clubs offering monthly rate memberships. While Neon You may offer similar benefits like a comfortable environment, classes to fit any ability, free drinks and more, they need a unique selling proposition to stand out. Instead of offering a monthly rate membership, Neon You Fitness offers pay-as-you-go pricing to simply pay as you go to the gym to workout. Additionally, it also offers pack pricing, where members can pay as they go, but by purchasing multiple classes at a time. Neon You’s unique selling proposition helps them stand out in a sea of monthly rate fitness clubs.
Spectrum can help you improve your USP to make it as clear and concise as possible. Then tell anyone who will listen why they should do business with you!
Unique selling proposition mailer
We’ll help you develop a direct marketing campaign that illustrates your USP to your customers and prospects. Contact us to develop a winning direct mail program today! Contact Us >

Spice Up Your Marketing

spice up your marketing

Spice Up Your Marketing

spice up your marketing

It's All About Connections That You Can Make WIth Your Audience

You’ve got a great marketing idea, and a plan to execute it. You’re all ready to go for the all important Spring Inventory Clearance sale. The ads are set, the in-store signage and price tags are ready to be set out, and you have a direct mail piece ready to go to all of the customers in your database.
Here’s where you can consider adding the spice to make the marketing plan really sizzle. It’s all about connections that you can make with your audience. These extra steps enhance involvement with your sale and your message.

Utilize New Technologies

Building an omni-channel marketing campaign helps improve effectiveness

While a number of campaigns can be successful with just direct mail a majority will benefit from adding other services like email marketing and web banner ads to their marketing plan. A newer service that Spectrum Marketing offers is IP Targeted Web Banner ads. These ads are sent to the same people who received your direct mailpiece and are based off of physical addresses’ IP address. With a regular web banner campaign add-on the ads are targeted based off email opens. The email address list used is based in the same geographic location which means that users must be opted-in to receive emails via a database and then served the ads. With IP Targeted Web Banner ads the physical mailing list is matched typically to 50-70% and then served directly to the users over a period of time. Using verified, offline data to reduce and/or eliminate non-human bot traffic, your company will get recognized and receive more quality leads. IP Targeting also meets HIPAA compliancy.
Spectrum is also now offering a new omni-channel marketing campaign program called Spectrum Mail Plus. This program features 7 technologies that are integrated together to target, attract, engage, and convert your best prospects. Resulting in 23-46% increased response rates.

Email marketing and web banner ads boost your campaign

Email marketing is still a great way to build your sales. While not as powerful as direct mail in ROI, email marketing as an add-on to your campaign can be helpful to remind your customers about your campaign and immediately direct them to your online store, site, or landing page. Directing to an online coupon or offer can result in even more activity and a better bottom line. Remember, customers need to see your marketing pitch at least 7 times before they make a purchasing decision. Email marketing and online banner ads are two fantastic ways to keep reminding your customers about your sale or promotion and are especially great for newer stores and grand openings.

Spectrum Can Help

pet life mailer in hand
iphone with social media advertisements
Email marketing

Let Them Know They're In The Right Place

Underutilized space like windows are the perfect opportunity to reinforce the marketing message

What’s on your windows? When you are having any type of sales event, the windows should be used to blast out the message. Use clings that are removable and inexpensive to attract the attention of everyone passing your windows. They become more relevant because the message is one of urgency and is directed at people who not only come in to your business, but come in to save during the special sale time period. The design should be explosive, and Spectrum’s 20 plus designers know how to make your simple sale message become an exciting magnet to bring people in.
window graphic

Spectrum Can Help

Incentivize With Direct Mail

Having interactive elements on your direct mail keeps it in your customers’ hands longer

Think about your mail piece. What about a scratch-off offer? The scratch-off is almost irresistible to people who receive mail. They want to see what is under the circle. Your Spectrum account executive can show you ways to make the scratch-off work that are incredibly cost effective. You will notice the enhanced response.
How about in-store coupons? These are small, business card sized hand outs that are very inexpensive to produce but result in a huge ROI. With rounded corners on glossy stock, these hand outs can feature special sale items, or can be a coupon good for that day only on whatever merchandise you choose. Simple, but they are a highly effective way to get your prospects more involved with your sale message.
china blossom direct mail with scratch off
Scratch Off Clarks direct mail piece
Harley Davidson scratch off promotion mailer

You Can't Stop

When it comes to marketing, don’t just get by. Add all the spice necessary to make your marketing plans go over the top!

Every year there are new emerging technologies and new practices that can help you rise above your competition. Only by adjusting your plan to include new directions and reach more customers can your business continue to thrive. Contact Spectrum Marketing today to learn how we can help you with your marketing results.

How Does Your Business Look and Sound?


How Does Your Business Look and Sound?


Back To Marketing Basics

Everyone knows the value of first impressions, yet as business owners, we often take our first impressions for granted. So let’s make sure we follow marketing basics. We often lose our objectivity when it comes to grading our own operations. There is a big reality to accept and to face: In today’s world, bad first impressions, whether inside your location or from a phone call or website, usually lead not only to lost business but also to lost customers. Spectrum, as a marketing company, strives on your behalf to bring people into your business. It’s up to you to convert them to clients, maximize what they buy from you, and to create a lasting impression that yields referrals, repeat business and establishes a solid and loyal customer base.
We suggest that you conduct an evaluation of all aspects of what your customers and potential customers see and hear during their experience with your company. It seems basic, and many people give themselves an “A” grade in all categories when the reality is usually different.

Small Changes Can Yield Big Results

Start With Your Website

The first step in mastering the marketing basics is to take a long hard look at your website – the tool that represents your business 24/7.
How does it look visually? Does it answer customer questions? Does it direct people to the store or to make a buying decision? Are your current special offers listed? Even if you can’t immediately change things, at least determine what you want to change so that your team can begin the process and complete your objectives during the year.
Retail transaction

You Know How Your People Should Be Answering The Phone, But Do They?

The next step in mastering the marketing basics is to ensure that your employees are representing your brand well. For example, do you have a brief greeting script that all those who answer the phone must follow? Is it friendly? Do you offer thanks to people for calling? Beside all phones should be notes which show directions and hours as well as current sale information. Here is a fact: whatever you do now, no matter how good it is, you can do better. As you coach your staff to be better phone people, the improvements you make will spill over to all of the customer contact that they have.

What About Your Location?

Is the first thing people see a sloppy bucket of ice melt and cigarette butt can? Is the entryway rug so dirty that it was last cleaned during the Carter administration? Look up. How bad is the ceiling? Move inside and look around. Do you have sales information visible for people who walk in? This means any combination of window clings, wall clings, counter cards, table tents, banner stands, ceiling danglers and other point-of-purchase displays. If you have them, are they current and well designed, or did you have someone make a sign at home that says, “SALE” in red letters on a poster board?
These things may seem basic, however, they can make a big difference in whether or not a customer enters your business. Clean up your foyer, make sure your lobby or reception area is organized and neat and ensure that your marketing collateral is visible and available to customers.

Are Your Special Offers Impactful And Highly Visible?

Consider what you see when you go into a big box store. If your place of business does not have anything to draw attention to a special offer or new product, or something that you wish to feature, then you are missing an opportunity. Make sure that you are utilizing point-of-purchase displays and other kinds of signage to make an impact on customers entering your business and guide them toward trying a new product or taking advantage of a special offer.
signage pop-up

Master The Marketing Basics For Success

Ultimately, you want to give your customers impression that your business is thriving –  serious customers like to buy from a serious business. Cleanliness and order is a must, but just as important is the information that you display for customers to see and use to make buying decisions.
There is no substitute for being the best you can be on all levels. Mastering the marketing basics doesn’t require a large investment. Small changes can make a big difference.  It usually doesn’t cost anything to make a better first impression, however, for a small investment, you can increase your visibility in the market, create a better customer experience and keep customers coming back frequently.

Do You Know Your Market?

Know Your Market

Know Your Customers & Where To Find Them

Know Your Market

Everyone in business has an idea of who their customers are and where they come from.

But, do all businesses know their customers?

Frequently, the perception that all businesses know who their customers are and where they come from is formulated more by intuitive knowledge, rather than by actual facts. Knowing your customers and where to find them is obviously important, however, there are scientific ways to obtain that information that is significantly better than guessing or assuming.

How can Spectrum help me?

Spectrum can help you know more about your customers, and we can also help you determine who else is likely to be your customer within your market. We have several tools that we use, and they start with a look at your customer database.

What we can do

Analyze your customer list

It starts with a map. We take the addresses from your customer list and plot the location of your customers. This gives us a useful visual representation of distance and concentration.

Determine where your customers are

Next, we take the addresses and run what we call a penetration report. This shows us exactly which postal routes your customers live on, and how many customers you have on each route.

Focus your marketing efforts in those areas

Postal logistics from the above data help us draw conclusions using geographic and demographic information to determine where best to focus your marketing efforts.

Find ideal prospects in your market’s geographic area

Finally, for an investment of a few hundred dollars, we can determine specific income, age, and other demographic factors about each of your customers. If this is needed, it can help precisely target more prospects in your market who are not customers. By personalizing your marketing toward these prospects through variable data (VDP), you can communicate better on a one-to-one basis.
Marketing Demographics Map

What about my customer list data?

Using these tools, you can take the guesswork and emotionalism out of your marketing. Have no worries about Spectrum maintaining the confidentiality of your data! It’s what we do, and everything is kept private between us and your business. We will provide a signed non-disclosure agreement if you wish.
The results of these analyses help us to determine what direct mail programs will work best, and how best to target the mail to yield higher results at a lower cost. It also serves as a general tool to help you develop a growth strategy for your business. The first three steps above are available to you at no charge, and most businesses do not need to go to step four unless the results of the analysis suggests that the investment of a few hundred dollars will be useful.

Is that all it takes?

Knowing your customers in your target market is an ongoing process that can help you determine what they are looking for and how to give it to them. Through retention and interactive marketing programs, you can reach your customers frequently to achieve the best response and ROI.
The important thing to remember is that Spectrum’s targeted mailing list services, combined with our direct mail programs can help you locate your current customers, target new prospects and increase your ROI and grow your business.