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Direct Mail Evolved.

Identify prospects with the highest levels of interest - and mail to them!
7 integrated digital technologies designed to engage and convert your best targeted prospects
Finally complete direct mail campaign attribution!
Increase your average marketing campaign RESULTS by 23-46%!
Track and analyze across multiple online channels including Google Ads & social media
Spectrum Mail Plus Omni-channel marketing

Increase Campaign Response by 23-46%

Seamlessly combine your direct mail marketing promotions with digital advertising to maximize your campaigns impact! Monitor results in real time from our cloud-based digital marketing platform.

The Results Are In.

Spectrum Mail Plus

Integrate Direct Mail with Online Follow-Up with Google Ads & Social Media for Even Greater Marketing RESULTS!

Seamlessly integrate direct mail marketing promotions with digital advertising to maximize your campaigns impact! Monitor results in real time from our cloud-based digital marketing platform.
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In addition, our LeadMatch service will capture leads who visited your website from your mailing, as well as visitors NOT from your mailing. Then utilize direct mail retargeting to increase conversion on those highly interested prospects!

Spectrum Mail Plus
How it Works

It all starts with direct mail.

mail delivery icon

Direct mail pieces are mailed to your target market. This tried and true marketing medium yields marketing RESULTS by delivering your well-designed message right to your prospect’s mailbox.

Then, your Spectrum Mail Plus omni-channel marketing campaign touches your audience simultaneously across the web while tracking engagement – including visits to your website.

We provide you with an online marketing dashboard so you can easily track all of your campaign performance in real time!



Social Match

We take your direct mailing list and MATCH leads with their Facebook and Instagram user accounts. Resulting in increased conversion rates.

With SocialMatch your target market will see your ad on their Facebook & Instagram feeds BEFORE the mail piece even reaches mailboxes and without them having to visit your website. The 14-day program begins on the mail date.

80% of sales are made between the 8th & 12th contact. With SocialMatch you can reach your targeted prospects at yet another activation point!



Mail Tracking

Track & Measure Direct Mail Campaigns with Spectrum Mail Plus!

Using a cutting-edge barcode technology system, we track the mailing delivery process of your order. Know exactly when your mail pieces are due to arrive, so you can plan for the influx of new customers. We provide you with tracking on your mail delivery all the way down to the per piece level.

mail delivery tracking with Spectrum Mail Pllus



Informed Delivery®

Increase ROI by putting your mail piece in both the digital world and physical world simultaneously.

With Informed Delivery® integration, a preview of your mailer will be sent by the USPS every morning to subscribers alerting them of when it will arrive in their mailbox. Additionally, right under the grayscale email preview of your mailer, the email will be enhanced with a full-color display advertisement with a link to your website or landing page.

When someone clicks through to your website, our Google ads and social media follow-up will be triggered!

OVER 42 Million Subscribers! And GROWING each week!

USPS Informed Delivery with Spectrum Mail Pllus

68% email open rate!



Phone Call & Message Tracking

Seamlessly track the effectiveness of your direct mail campaign by tracking and recording every call that comes in as a result of the mailing. In addition, send auto-responding text messages and view engagement.

With call and text tracking you can give people the option to respond the way they prefer. All responses are tracked and recorded with detailed data reporting. People can text and receive an auto response directing them to take the desired action from downloading an app to purchasing online.

Full demographic and geographic data available on each caller.

Phone call tracking with Spectrum Mail Plus



Online Follow-Up Ads

Google Ads logo

Increase conversions by pairing your direct mail campaign with the Google Display Ads Network.

Your direct mail campaign is sent out and tracked with our mailing tracking system. If a customer or prospect leaves your website without taking action, they will be retargeted with your display ad on the Google Display Ads Network directing them back to your website.

Text and image ads matching your campaign’s design and special offers follow your website visitors around the internet after they leave your site.

26% increase in complete conversions when users who have been retargeted return to the website.

In one study, retargeted ads led to a 726% lift in site visitation after four weeks of retargeted ad exposure!

Online follow up with Google Ads



Social Media Follow-Up Ads

Increase conversions by pairing your direct mail campaign with your audience’s Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Social Media Follow-Up is integrated into Spectrum Mail Plus to offer you the opportunity to increase conversions by pairing your direct mail campaign with Facebook and Instagram ads.

When the user logs into Facebook or lnstagram, they will be shown an ad from your website right in their Newsfeed, where they’re more likely to interact and view the ad.

4 HRS The average person spends almost 4 hours per day on Facebook and Instagram – and they have over 3 billion active users!

social media follow up with Spectrum Mail Plus



Lead Match

Track and record all website visitors as a result of your mailing and match them to their physical address including those that didn’t visit as a result of your mail campaign.

You never knew who came to your website from your mailing…UNTIL NOW!

Spectrum Mail Plus uses an advanced measurement solution able to track and measure the effectiveness of all media including direct mail.

Download your hottest leads daily and utilize their physical mailing address to deploy direct mail retargeting programs!

96% of website visitors leave without taking action, many of which leave to view a direct competitor.

Now you can identify them by name and mailing address and add them to your next campaign or remarketing campaign as highly qualified prospects.

Lead match with Spectrum Mail Pllus
health and fitness Spectrum Mail Plus client marketing dashboard

Reporting Dashboard

Finally, complete attribution of your direct mail marketing campaigns!

Easily monitor each element of your Spectrum Mail Plus campaign online LIVE through our convenient client-side reporting dashboard.  Download your hottest leads, sorted by geography, to set up and deploy direct mail retargeting programs that further increase conversions!


Increase Your Direct Mail Campaign Results by 23-46%

Don’t run your next direct mail campaign without learning more about what Spectrum Mail Plus can do for your RESULTS.

Get On the Same Page!

get on the same page

Get On the Same Page!

Coordinate Your Marketing Message.

get on the same page

These Simple Steps Can Ensure There Aren’t Any Weak Links In Your Marketing Efforts.

Have you ever received an advertisement for a sale only to find that while the marketing collateral says one thing, the business advertising the sale says another? Too often, much time and effort is spent creating a strong marketing message, a cohesive advertising campaign yet very little consideration is given to the actual customer’s experience: in-store advertising, staff and customer service knowledge and assistance, product availability, etc.
Here’s some ways to avoid some of the biggest failure points of many otherwise well-executed marketing campaigns.

Start by getting everyone on the same page.

The first part of any marketing initiative, is to make sure that everyone is on the same page. Omni-channel marketing is a perfect example of ensuring that everyone – on every channel – is on the same page and delivering the same message to your customers.

For instance, if you’re marketing a four-day sale, ensure that your staff is aware and educated about the sale, what products are being advertised, and who the target customer is. Additionally, making sure that you have enough staff for the projected influx of customers during the same is also part of everyone being on the same page.

Adopting an omni-channel marketing strategy for your business goes deeper than a four day sale, though. For an omni-channel marketing strategy to work, there must be a deep understanding of the customer – their needs, preferences and buying habits. While your entire staff may not have extensive knowledge of your customers’ detailed needs and preferences, they should be delivering a consistent unified message to them that caters to their needs and preferences. Ultimately, your staff should know who your target customer is and deliver your business’s relevant, unified message to them.

Don’t always assume that your staff knows what you’re thinking and what the company’s message is. Engage them frequently – either by weekly updates or larger monthly “town hall” style meetings – and allow them to be heard. Some of the best ideas for your business may not come from your company’s leadership. Once they’re on the same page, empower them with the right tools to deliver your unified message to your customers.

Looking for more ways to get your staff on the same page? Consider this list to ensure everyone in your organization is spreading the same message.

Adopt a customer-centric marketing plan.

Overlooking the “little things” in your business is like not paying attention to detail – and your customers will notice. It’s important that your customer experience is considered first and foremost in your marketing efforts. By being customer-centric in your marketing, you’re not only thinking about the products that your customers want from you, but how they want to shop – whether they research online and then come into your store or doing all their researching and shopping online – the buying experience should be the same: straightforward, ample information to make a buying decision, ensuring it’s easy to contact your business with questions and following up after the purchase to build product loyalty.

Everyone in your business – from managers to cashiers – need to be on the same page regarding the customer experience and making sure the customer is priority number one.

Create simple, consistent processes for customer purchasing.

Having a similar process in redeeming your offers, whether online or in-store, can make a huge difference to your customers. The clearer you can make any processes or activities that they have to do to lead them to a sale can only help your sales efforts. Make sure your staff is aware of the process to redeem coupons and deals so that it doesn’t seem like a hassle to the customer just to get a discount on your product.

In general, the simpler that you can make a process that a customer has to do before they can make a purchase, the more likely that the customer will complete the process and make the sale. This is especially true of purchases made online. 23% of online shopping cart abandonments are because of complicated processes and checking out taking too long. Bottom line: Create (and maintain) simple, quick processes that move the customer toward a hassle-free checkout experience.

Don’t stop the customer service after the sale.

With so much focus on customer service and marketing to make a sale with a customer, it’s easy to forget that the customer relationship goes on beyond the purchase, especially if the customer has questions or issues after they’ve bought from you. How your business handles “after-the-sale” service can really determine the length of the customer relationship and their loyalty to your business.

It’s important to note that customer retention and acquisition are two entirely different activities; while they both involve engaging your customers and potential customers, one is infinitely more challenging than the other. Acquiring a new customer is five times more expensive than retaining an existing customer. It makes sense, then, that focusing on retaining your existing customers is more cost effective, and in a great measure, easier than acquiring a new customer.

That said, it’s even more important to improve your customer retention efforts by considering your after-the-sale customer service to help drive customer loyalty. Making sure your entire staff is consistent with customer service and views the life of the customer relationship with the importance it deserves, strengthens the loyalty of that customer.
By implementing these tips into your marketing plan, you can make sure that everyone in your organization is on the same page, delivering the same message to your customers and that there are no weak links in your marketing efforts.

What is Omni-Channel Marketing?

Omni-Channel Marketing

What is Omni-Channel Marketing?

Omni-Channel Marketing

Omni-Channel marketing, simply stated, is a marketing method that uses multiple marketing channels to communicate a customer-focused integrated marketing experience with coordinated messaging across multiple marketing channels.

The goal is to connect with the consumer, whether they receive a direct mailer, are online, or visit a brick and mortar retail store location with a consistent message or promotion.  Everything should compliment each other.
However, it goes even deeper – to your products and services, your staff, and how you present your business to the market. A true omni-channel marketing campaign has the consumer’s entire experience in consideration, delivering a cohesive journey from initial search to post-purchase.
An example of a omni-channel campaign would be launching an promotional event or a sale that features a consistent message on a direct mail piece, signage, online advertising channels and even other media. You would then staff your event appropriately to prepare for the influx of additional traffic and train them appropriately. You’ll want to ensure everyone in the organization that deals with the customer’s buying journey is on the same page. That’s omni-channel marketing.

Getting started with omni-channel marketing

How do customers find your products and services? Do you they purchase online or go to your store? If they purchase online, do they purchase on mobile or desktop? These are just some of the factors to be considered when putting together an omni-channel marketing campaign. Organization-wide, everyone should be on the same page regarding the consumer’s buying experience.  An omni-channel marketing experience comes by putting the consumer first and examining the entire journey of the customer.
However, the key to successful omni-channel marketing is using good data and understanding your custom audience- their wants, their needs and how they want to do business.  The deeper you can understand your customer and prospects, the more likely they are to interact with your brand. Collecting data about your customers is only one small part of omni-channel marketing – you must also analyze the data and use it to connect with your customers in a meaningful and effective way. Using the data you’ve collected, you can reach them across multiple devices and platforms with a cohesive message that they will almost certain respond to.
Additionally, as omni-channel marketing uses multiple marketing channels, you’ll want to make sure that all of them are integrated and that the customer experience is seamless when the user switches devices or platforms. According to Instapage, 90% of multiple device owners switch between an average of three per day to complete a task. Consistency in the messaging improves awareness and engagement. Landing pages and websites must be responsive and load quickly to accommodate the growing mobile device trend, especially when users leave their desktop.

What’s the difference between omni-channel marketing and multi-channel marketing?

Multi-channel marketing is the ability to market toward consumers through multiple marketing channels: printed media, digital and social media, word-of-mouth and more. The biggest difference between the multi-channel and omni-channel is that omni-channel marketing provides a seamless, integrated experience throughout multiple channels while multi-channel marketing distributes to as many channels as possible, usually with a message specific to that marketing channel.
Multi-channel marketing, which most businesses currently use, is not as effective as omni-channel marketing, largely due to the fact that the customer isn’t the focus, the channel is. With consumers spanning multiple devices when making purchases these days, it pays to be customer focused with an integrated shopping experience.
Finally, it takes more effort and is more time consuming to manage multi-channel marketing as opposed to omni-channel marketing. Why? Think about it – with multi-channel marketing, you’re actually managing the campaigns on all the different channels your business utilizes – print, web, social, brick-and-mortar – that’s a lot. With omni-channel, you’re managing one campaign over the different channels your business uses, ultimately occupying less of your time and communicating a unified message.
multichannel marketing vs omnichannel marketing

How can an omni-channel marketing strategy benefit your business?

The answer is increased campaign control, personalization, impressions, and ROI!

It’s actually pretty clear – omni-channel marketing offers a more personalized marketing experience for your customers with less effort, less waste and more ROI. This is particularly powerful when launching a time-sensitive promotion, sale, or weekend event.  You’re able to boost the marketing effort while specifically targeting your audience across multiple channels without interfering with your typical marketing programs.
If you’re currently using a multi-channel approach, however, don’t feel bad. You’re not alone. In fact, utilizing all of your marketing channels is better than shorting yourself and your business by only using some of them. It takes an average of seven touches before a consumer will make a purchase or try a new product. Hitting them with the same marketing message, multiple times can only increase the likelihood that that consumer will purchase your product or service.
So now you know that there’s a better, smarter way to market across all of your marketing channels and it all begins with a deep understanding of your customers.

Looking for an effective omni-channel marketing program?

Spectrum MailPlus Direct Mail to Digital Logo

Boost your next marketing campaign or promotion with Spectrum Mail Plus!

Spectrum now offers Spectrum Mail Plus – an omni-channel marketing program that combines direct mail, the USPS service Informed Delivery, online follow-up through the Google Display Network, social media follow-up and SocialMatch – a social media marketing service that matches physical addresses to Facebook and Instagram accounts. Additionally, Spectrum Mail Plus can tell you who visited your website from your mailing as well as visitors who were not on your mailing list and add them to a “lead” list. Spectrum Mail Plus is the only name you need know to when it comes to omni-channel marketing. Contact us today to start your first campaign and enjoy 23-46% increase RESULTS!

Ranked 15 Bell and Howell Top 200

Ranked #15

Spectrum Ranked #15 Bell and Howell Top 200 Direct Mail Service Companies

Ranked #15
“Direct mail marketing is getting more personal, more real, and more effective thanks to affordable high-quality digital printing and technologies that simplify integration into a multi-channel campaign. And according to the United States Postal Service, 57 percent of all the mail pieces in the U.S. is attributed to direct mail, representing approximately $9.4 billion in direct mail spending on print and mail services and postage.
With the efficacy of many digital channels coming under increasing scrutiny, marketers are making direct mail an integral part of their strategy that uses many different channels to reach the hearts and minds of their customers.”

Even with email marketing and ad retargeting, direct mail response rates continue to rise. If your company is interested in increased ROI, deliverable brand awareness and most importantly, results; consider direct mail marketing as your one way ticket to a successful advertising campaign. Contact us today to experience the difference first hand.