Are you targeting new movers?

New Mover Campaign Program

Why New Movers?

New Mover Campaign Program

If you’re not capitalizing on new movers then you’re missing out on reaching new customers in your area. The Census Bureau states, 17% -20% of all Americans will move each year. New movers are a high-value audience who establish new loyalties to businesses in their area.

Get to Them First!

Within the first 180 days, new homeowners spend $9,700 on items for their new home and they're 5 times more likely to become long-term customers if you reach them before anyone else.

It’s not hard to tell that a family moving to a new area needs to establish roots. Part of that process is deciding where their new favorite dinner spot is, re-thinking who their healthcare providers are, or where they get their auto parts from. Your business could be the one catering to those changing needs. It’s important to welcome them to the neighborhood while explaining why they need your service. Spectrum offers multiple direct mail programs that assist with this.

Is Your Industry in the Top 5?

The 5 most popular new mover purchases are Home Improvement (79%), Pet Supplies (75%), Clothes (73%), Furniture (57%), and Appliances (55%).

This is followed closely by other home improvement services like lawn care, home security, and flooring. The biggest factor to all of this, however, is that up to 90% of homeowners make their purchase decision before moving. To reach those customers you need to start marketing to them as soon as possible. Plus, consider the following:

According to research from Epsilon. Movers used a variety of channels to inform their purchasing decisions:

  • 77% used the internet for move-related information because it was the fastest
  • 75% preferred to talk to someone in person about move-related topics
  • 70% kept move-related information to refer back to when ready to purchase
  • 59% said online information was more helpful than what they received in the mail
It’s clear that customers research heavily before making any purchase decisions. As a business, it’s important to reach your audience through multiple channels like online advertising, social media marketing, and direct mail.
Businesses looking for new movers to market to
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Where Are The New Movers?

A report by Marketingprofs states, 40% of consumers try new businesses after receiving direct mail. The ANA states direct mail results in a 13 to 1 ROI. Ad clicks are the start of the buyer’s journey and 95% of people will leave a website after a visit without making a purchase. 46% of people say they depend on social media to make purchasing decisions.

New Movers are Everywhere

New movers are in there new homes, on the internet, and on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Try leveraging an omni-channel marketing approach to target and reach new movers. Send a personalized direct mail piece to their home welcoming them to your area and business with a strong message and offer.  Remarketing to them on the web and social media. When your prospect sees your message 8-16 times, they are much more likely to convert. 

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Instead of just sending out a traditional solo direct mailing, Spectrum Mail Plus seamlessly combines your direct mailer with seven digital technologies to maximize your campaign’s impact. Increase your ROI by reaching your target audience on multiple channels simultaneously.

Don't Wait On Converting New Movers

Getting to new movers before your competition does is paramount to increasing your bottom line. Start with Spectrum’s omni-channel marketing solution to capitalize on a marketing segment that’s already in the purchase phase.