In Their Own Words The Motorcycle Company

Motorcycle Company Testimonial

In Their Own Words: The Motorcycle Company

Motorcycle Company Testimonial

Direct Mail Program Success Testimonial

“Our direct mail pieces are a key driver for our events. We use these to drive the traffic through the doors and to give the customers something to look forward to. Spectrum does a great job capturing our theme and displaying our promotions in a clean and attractive way.”

Kristen Kunzman,
Marketing Director
The Motorcycle Company

In Their Own Words Puppies on the Run

In their own words puppies on the run

In Their Own Words: Puppies on the Run

In their own words puppies on the run

Direct Mail Program Success Testimonial

“I was extremely impressed with how fast the offer worked!

We had 3 sales the first weekend and since that time we have had an additional 6 sales and the month is only half over!

The best part is that we saw so many new faces that were brought in just from the ad, all within a week.

Spectrum did all the work and made it so easy, I virtually had to do nothing but tell them how I wanted the ad to look.

I was impressed by the entire experience!”

Selena Langis,
Puppies on the Run

In Their Own Words Attica Furniture and Flooring

In their own words puppies on the run

In Their Own Words: Attica Furniture and Flooring

Attica In Their Own Words

Direct Mail Program Success Testimonial

Direct Mail is the only form of advertising we do that we get a direct ROI. The initial up-front cost is intimidating, but when implemented correctly, we have never lost on our investment.

Jeff and his team at Spectrum Marketing are extremely easy to deal with. Previously, we did a direct mail program with other companies and it would take me approximately one month to get the graphic design up to my liking. With Spectrum, I tell Jeff my event (or sometimes he even recommends an event to me) and within a week everything is print ready.

I recommend, to business associates, Spectrum Marketing’s direct mail programs as an effective way to market their businesses.

Luke Harding,
Co-Owner/Sales Manager
Harding’s Attica Furniture & Flooring
Attica, NY

In Their Own Words Kevin Chauvette

Kevin Chauevette - Testimonial

In Their Own Words: Kevin Chauvette

Kevin Chauevette - Testimonial

Mail Works

“In my opinion, there are only 2 ways to grow a business; bring in more new customers, or increase the amount spent or frequency of visit of each current customer. Spectrum has helped with both of these goals. I highly recommend giving them a try, or increasing your marketing efforts with them if you are already utilizing them.”

We Make It Easy

“My representative, Steve Rifkin, handles everything for me and has gone way beyond the expected to provide excellent service. Service like this is very rare these days!”

Try Adding Interest

“With the addition of the hard, credit card sized gift card, I find that people hang onto [my mail piece] much longer, and my success has exceeded the bar that I have set for my marketing.”

There's More For You

“Working with Spectrum has been very simple. I took a tour several months ago and it was well worth my time. I discovered that Spectrum does so much more than I ever thought, and in fact, the idea for the gift card mailer came from a tour of their facility.”

In Their Own Words

Klem's Success Story and Testimonial

In Their Own Words

Klem's Success Story and Testimonial
As a smaller company, it is important for us to make certain our advertising is effective, and Spectrum Marketing Companies’ exceptional work has had a tremendous impact on our sales! Klem’s would not be where it is today if not for our dependable and professional partnership with them. Spectrum is the backbone of our advertising strategy and has consistently produced excellent, effective results. They clearly have the experience and skill to make a business successful, and our work with them has been both positive and productive.
Since advertising with their direct mail campaigns, which included several response coupons, we have seen a huge increase in traffic to our store, which translates into more leads. The response we got from our spring targeted piece was astonishing – we received back over 800 coupons! In addition, we mail quarterly, personalized Rewards certificates to our loyalty customers. We provide the mailing list, and they do the rest. It’s that easy! It was a great added bonus to offer to the consumer. As we explore different advertising methods, we look forward to continuing the use of these inserts to grow our current customer base.
We advertise in other media and design magazines, but our customers mention Spectrum far more than any other source. We plan to continue making Spectrum a part of all our ongoing marketing efforts because we’re confident it works! For anyone looking for high integrity, and professionally minded advertising, Spectrum Marketing is the company of choice.

– Jess and Mike Klem