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The Need for Speed: Changing the Game with PMOD

PMOD - Priority mail open and distribute - Mailman with Mail

Drop Shipping Mail Results in Postage Discounts

Drop shipping direct mail typically involves the use of ground transportation to get the mail closer to the destination point (i.e., the postal facility that will be delivering the mail). Drop shipping mail results in postage discounts and is an effective tool to better control the in-home delivery date of mailings. Some mailings do not lend themselves to the more traditional methods of transporting drop shipped mail from the original entry point to the destination entry post offices. Smaller mailings make it tough to take advantage of drop shipping benefits without paying high minimum charges to logistics providers. In these instances, Priority Mail Open and Distribute can be a valuable resource.

Priority Mail Open and Distribute (PMOD)

Priority Mail Open and Distribute (PMOD) is a USPS service that provides an alternate method of transporting drop shipped mail. Rather than using traditional transport methods for drop shipping, this service allows Spectrum to use the expedited delivery service offered by Priority Mail to transport the mail to additional postal entry points. Mailers place their prepared mail into special PMOD containers and tag them with special PMOD tags. These tags indicate to the destination post office that the mail inside the containers is drop ship mail, and needs to be opened and distributed. Since Priority Mail has 2- to 3-day delivery service, PMOD can be a very quick way to transport the mail to the additional entry points.

Typical uses of PMOD include:

  • Small volume mailings that do not have quantities to meet minimum shipment requirements associated with logistics providers

  • Time-sensitive mailings that do not have the budget for first class mail prices – this mail can be prepared and paid for at Standard Mail prices, but utilize PMOD to expedite the mail to the USPS destination post office

  • Mailings that experience delivery delays in certain parts of the country or at certain USPS facilities

  • Mailings to more remote areas, such as Alaska or Hawaii

  • Mailings using traditional drop ship methods that have residual quantities of mail that would normally remain at the origin post office

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