The Rule of 7

The Rule of 7
A very important rule in marketing and advertising that is utilized more often than you may realize is the rule of 7. The main point of this rule is repetition. The rule states:

“A prospective buyer should hear or see the marketing message at least seven times before they buy it from you.”

The two most important words in that sentence you should be paying attention to are “at” and “least”, specifically in that order. Please take a moment to remember the Farmers insurance commercials. Now, please hum the jingle from the end of those commercials. The reason you are able to do this so easily, besides it being catchy, is because you’ve heard it multiple times. Now imagine having that power for your marketing campaign.

How to Utilize the Rule of 7 to Achieve Success

Spectrum offers a number of proven turnkey direct mail marketing programs and solutions that can help your business reach your customers with the frequency necessary for success. In addition to stand alone direct mail, we offer integrated email marketing solutions that lift overall campaign response with digital channels. And extend your campaign with email retargeting on the web and Facebook and Twitter ads that target the same prospects in the same targeted geographic area for maximum results.

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Offer Them Something Tangible

Send your customers direct mailers with compelling offers frequently so they have a reason to hold on to it. Direct mailers with coupons, gift cards, or interactive elements can win prospects and keep existing customers coming back again and again. Great pieces can end up on your customer’s fridge which serves as a constant reminder of your product or service.

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Email Your Customers the Same Offers

Repetition is key to the rule of 7. By sending email that matches your direct mail piece to your customer base or targeted area, you can further remind them about your special offer and you also give them another channel to respond to. Learn more
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Utilize Social Media Platforms

By implementing Facebook and Twitter ads into your marketing campaigns you can reach new people who are similar to your customer base in your targeted area. Target by hundreds of demographic selects including behavior, purchase interests and relationship trends.
Multi-channel direct mail marketing campaigns increase brand awareness and allow companies to effortlessly engage with target audiences more thoroughly. You also have the ability to drive more potential customers to your website and generate leads, gain insights and to see increased results.
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Have a Strong Online Presence

Having an online presence doesn’t just mean utilizing social media platforms. It also means using online retargeting banners effectively. The main focus of this rule is repetition, so, having a strongly designed set ads that provide online reminders is key to a truly effective multi-channel marketing strategy. In addition to giving your campaign a boost when banners are clicked, the ads also serve to build your brand awareness by serving more impressions to your targeted audience.
All of these tactics are achievable with the Spectrum Marketing Advantage. The advantage is working with a partner who can streamline your project from concept, design, data analysis, mail list processing, print production, delivery, and postal logistics.
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Increase Campaign Results by 23-46%

Our Spectrum Mail Plus program combines all of these technologies and more to give you the best possible results. Seamlessly Integrated Direct Mail, Mail Tracking, Online Follow-Up Ads, and Phone Call Tracking That Maximizes Your Marketing Impact! Instead of just sending out a traditional solo direct mailing, Spectrum Mail Plus combines your direct mailer with seven digital technologies that increase your ROI by reaching your target audience on multiple channels simultaneously.
We provide an online dashboard so you can easily track all of your campaigns performance in real time! Easily monitor each element of your Spectrum Mail Plus campaign online LIVE through our convenient client-side reporting dashboard. Learn more.

Increase Campaign Results by 23-46%

It’s never been this easy to be everywhere and be there all the time. Get started now and find out how Spectrum can help you design and implement successful direct marketing programs that remind your customers of your brand’s message and drive even more sales to your bottom line!

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