Access, Customize, and Distribute Your Content

Branded Marketing Web Portals

We build each custom branded site to provide an easy way to coordinate direct mail campaigns, printed collateral, digital assets, resource libraries, promotions and general advertising across nationally distributed organizations.

Checkmate Pizza Web To Print Solutions

Empower your network with web distributed tools

Spectrum’s web-to-print solution utilizes the latest technologies to provide a powerful system capable of giving our clients network a platform to manage the production and distribution of a wide range of marketing materials.

Key Benefits & Features

Our on-demand web-to-print solution empowers your sales team, franchise members, distributors, and other authorized individuals to produce personalized marketing pieces through an online corporate marketing portal while maintaining corporate brand standards.

Direct Mail Campaign Management

Managing your branded direct mail campaigns all in one spot has never been easier.

Control Your Brand

Maintain your company’s brand guidelines by specifying what, when, and how content can be customized in your marketing. Customized exportable reports are available.

Customized Intelligent Marketing Materials

Enables users to customize content and imagery within marketing materials to the specifications that follow your company’s brand guidelines.

Centralize Marketing Materials

Implement a single web portal that hosts all marketing assets, connects internal systems and consolidates vendor ordering.

Enable Personalized Content

Produce personalized content and imagery within your marketing collateral to improve customer engagement.

Streamline Marketing Process

Streamline marketing, creative, fulfillment, distribution and approval processes to optimize marketing operations efficiency.

Reduce Operation Costs

Save costs by automating marketing processes, streamlining your marketing work flows and reducing obsolete collateral.

Employ Dynamic User Access

Configure user profiles to dictate access to materials, pre-fill marketing templates, determine approval rights and more.

Decrease time to market

Reduce the time required to produce marketing materials by automating work flows and processes.

Empower your company to grow with intelligent web-to-print solutions and marketing asset management.


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