When should you use direct mail advertising

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Direct mail can be highly effective for many marketing campaigns and purposes:

  • promote your brand or company
  • promoting a new product or service
  • promoting a special event or important date
  • promoting grand openings
  • soliciting new orders
  • generating new leads
  • create a positive brand image that will help future sales
  • cross-selling to existing customers
  • building brand loyalty
  • increasing repeat orders
  • reactivating dormant accounts or increasing sales coverage.

We all know that print advertising should be a part of your marketing strategy, regardless of economic conditions. This includes flyers, signage, print advertisements, coupons, and local publication inserts that deliver your messaging and special offers to customer and prospect mailboxes.

Print advertising comes in various forms, such as postcards, coupon books like Spectrum Monthly, and free-standing inserts (if your business is in NH or MA, check these options in Spectrum Monthly) that can be mailed, coupon books and booklets, checkout coupons, letter mail, postcards, solo mail, and also shared mail.

Direct mail and other methods of print marketing are easy to dismiss as expensive, old school, difficult to manage, or appeals only to older demographics. However, those who understand how effective direct mail can be in terms of brand awareness, guaranteed impressions, great ROI, and its ability to deliver special offers – especially when combined with other marketing channels such as online and social ads will have increased success!

Spectrum’s direct to digital omnichannel marketing option, Spectrum MailPlus has been particularly powerful during these times.  Adding coordinated online remarketing, social match, and follow-up ads to the same targeted audience used for the direct mail increases impressions 12-18 times while increasing response by 23-46%!  Why involved high-priced digital and social advertisers in your bottom line when you can streamline the process and save by bundling these services with Spectrum MailPlus?  Speak with a marketing expert today >new 

Direct mail samples

Direct mail boasts better response rates, greater visibility, and more creative opportunities than online advertising, so it should be a key component of any marketing campaign.

What are your marketing goals?

How do you plan on growing your business? How do you wish to reach new customers? Direct marketing offers a solution to your marketing efforts that targets your audience directly at home. Your personalized message can offer a strong call-to-action to get your customers to act on your offer or message.

Direct mail provides solutions to many marketing challenges. Which of these are you most interested in achieving?

Direct Mail Is #1

If you are looking for a way to promote your products, brand, event, or services with a targeted list of customers or prospects, then direct mail is the perfect marketing solution for you.

Reach out to use today and we’ll assist you every step of the way from concept and design,  targeting and print production, to delivery of your campaign in-homes. Don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of direct mail’s high engagement rates and ROI!

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