Why Choose Direct Mail

Why Choose Direct Mail

Will It Work? Is Direct Mail Marketing Still A Viable Medium? Is It Cost Effective?

It is common to question the effectiveness of direct mail pieces in today’s digital world. Surprisingly to some, the answer to these questions is a resounding, “yes!” and for many reasons. Learn more about the top reasons why direct mail advertising is still a great marketing solution.

Direct Mail Has Higher Than Average Response Rates

Any direct marketing endeavor that you invest in needs to have a positive and quantifiable return on your investments. The “will it work?” question is most important. In survey after survey, study after study, from those commissioned by the US Postal Service to those commissioned by the Direct Marketing Association, the efficiency and cost effectiveness of direct mail is validated and affirmed with high response rates. In fact, the acquisition cost of a new customer via direct mail is actually lower than that from email, and other forms of electronic media.

Here’s The Top Reasons Why It’s Still A Great Marketing Solution.

Direct mail works for businesses large and small.

Direct mail can be very successful for both small business and larger companies and franchise organizations.  By nature, direct mail uses highly targeted customer and prospect lists that reach more people in a particular geographic and demographic area.  Learn more about targeted lists here >.

Quantifiable Return On Investment

Return-on-investment: Direct mail, when accompanied with a viable and trackable offer, allows you to know how much revenue you generated from it and how many new customers you earned. You can then compare that to the lifetime value of a customer, or the annual value of a customer, and come up with a very sophisticated analysis. Unlike display ads and most digital ads, direct mail success or failure is easy to track. The math is easy to do. In many cases, customer acquisition mail yields a 10X or greater ROI, and when sent to your customer base can yield 20X or better. This means that an investment of $4000 should yield you $40,000 or more in business that you otherwise would not have earned.

Customer and Prospect Targeting is Truly 1 to 1

The US postal service reaches every home in America six days a week. One offshoot of the electronic age is that the companies who provide mailing lists know so much about every home in America, that direct mail (combined with IP Targeting) is the most targeted 1:1 marketing channel available today. A message can be sent to only those people whom you want to receive your message. Whether it is an entire street or neighborhood, or only households with children under twelve or homes with certain incomes, you can obtain a mailing list so that you can send mail with the right message to that audience.

Direct Mail Has a Shelf Life

Mail is tangible and has a shelf life or retention factor. Unlike a digital or electronic message that requires recall on the part of target audience and disappears from the ether instantly, a direct mail piece is tangible. It can be read and re-read. Coupons can be clipped off once or multiple times. It can be hung on the refrigerator or placed near the phone.

People respond to direct mail solicitations days, weeks or even months after a piece was mailed. Your well-designed mail piece can carry several offers that show value on multiple products or services that you offer. You can discount your best sellers or your worst sellers, or both, depending upon your marketing objectives.

Mail is intrusive and can’t be totally ignored.

Mail is intrusive. Every day, someone from every home in America has an opportunity to get the mail and interact with it. Unsolicited mail pieces are expected, and even sought by the majority of mail recipients. For reaching and sending a message to your own customers, direct mail is expected and frequently received. While email fatigue is a real trend and people delete advertising messages at the push of a button, tangible direct mail pieces are read and often evoke an immediate desire to respond or save the piece for future use.

And Millennials Like Receiving Direct Mail

Young people like to get mail as much as anyone. Check out this article to learn more.

Customize a Winning Direct Mail Campaign for Your Business

How will you know if mail will work for you? Ask us to help you develop a plan, and we can help make your mail exceed your expectations!  Our direct marketing specialists are experienced in your industry and market.  Leverage a proven campaign strategy to successfully grow your business.


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