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Why Marketing to Your Existing Customers is Priority Number 1

Retain customers and build brand loyalty to avoid losing money

1.6 Trillion a Year is Lost by Businesses When Customers Switch

Direct Mail vs Email customer retention

For any business that’s progressed beyond its initial start-up phase, your customers are one of your most critical assets. In most cases, these relationships have been earned over years and resulted from previous advertising and marketing efforts conducted to build the business to its current level.

Business owners and marketers have come to realize that retaining these customers and building loyalty in a competitive market is a top priority and essential to a successful business.

9 Reasons Why Customer Retention Should Be a Priority

Chances of selling to a new customer is 5-20% compared to


with existing customers.

$1.6 Trillion

a year is lost by businesses when their customers switch.

Bringing in new customers can cost as much as

16X More

than retaining your current clients.

80% of your future profits will come from

Just 20%

of existing customers.

A typical business

Will Lose 15%

of its customers each year.


of first time customers

Don’t Return.

A 2% Increase

in customer retention can lower costs by as much as 10 percent.

Repeat customers spend

33% More

than new customers.

A 5% increase in customer retention can lead to


increase in profits.

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Direct Mail vs Email customer retention

Retention is a measure of whether an existing customer continues to do business with you.

Direct Mail vs Email customer loyalty

Loyalty measures a customer’s predisposition to prefer a business, and indicate a certain resistance to competitors.

Direct Mail vs Email recover customers

Recover customers who you lost or their service agreement has lapsed or expired.

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