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In order to better understand your current marketing strategies it is helpful to have a 3rd party itemize and review all the elements currently in place.

At Spectrum Marketing Companies we specialize in this analysis, which involves a complete breakdown of your current spending, past successes/failures and updated information about your most valuable asset: your customer base.

Once this is complete we can also assist in creating a NEW marketing plan to help maximize the reach of your advertising dollar to optimize your base and acquire new customers.


Current Marketing Analysis


Organize all current marketing strategies in a personal Market Planner

  • Detail every marketing effort (print, digital, email, in-Store signage)
  • Timing and costs broken down by month


Update, merge, scrub and solidify customer lists (current and past)

Reg $250

Limited time offer.

  • Provide Data Analysis showing neighborhood demographics for all customers

Review all content for consistent messaging/branding across all media.

  • Provide professional analysis of all content with suggestions and ideas for improvement as needed

Strategic Marketing Plan

50% OFF

Create a marketing plan that builds quantifiable results without unduly compromising Profit Margin. Methods might include Direct Mail/Email/Banner ads/In Store signage.


  • Suggest deployment tactics to meet overall objectives for new customer acquisition featuring location specific branding
  • Outline a consistent customer interaction plan utilizing in-store signage, on-line communiques and direct mail.
  • Provide review processes that will offer simple analysis of quantifiable results

Reg $350

Limited time offer.


Integrate Direct Mail with Online Follow-Up with Google Ads & Social Media for Even Greater Marketing RESULTS!

Direct mail pieces are mailed to your target market. This tried and true marketing medium yields marketing RESULTS by delivering your well-designed message right to your prospect’s mailbox.

Then, your Spectrum Mail Plus omni-channel marketing campaign touches your audience simultaneously across the web while tracking engagement – including visits to your website.

Omni Channel Direct Mail Marketing

Omni-Channel Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

Spectrum Mail Plus marketing campaigns generate 23-46% MORE response!

Instead of just sending out a traditional direct mailing, Spectrum Mail Plus combines your direct mailer with seven digital technologies that increase your ROI by reaching your target audience on multiple channels simultaneously.

Direct Mail Marketing Programs

WoofMeow Mailer For Pet Industries

Leverage a weekly or monthly marketing program that delivers the repetition necessary for success.

Spectrum has developed marketing programs designed to promote products and services, drive brand engagement, and increase sales while also keeping your current customers coming back again and again throughout the entire year. Everything from Targeted Smart Saturation Mail Marketing, EDDM® Marketing,  Opt-in Mail Program for Franchisees or Multi-Stores, and Omni-Channel Marketing Campaigns.

Direct Mail & Print Products

Commercial & Digital Printing

Spectrum’s versatile in-house production provides hundreds of printing options!

Spectrum’s in-house commercial printing division can produce your next mail piece, branded marketing collateral, or general print product. From postcards, gift card mailers and oversized mailers to elaborate folded brochures – we have the perfect mail format for your promotion!

Targeted Mailing List Services

Reach Only Your Ideal Audience!

The foundation of any successful campaign is the quality of your direct mailing list. Business, non-profits, and retailers use targeted mailing lists to reach the customers and prospects that matter most to them. Our mail data experts make it easy for you to craft campaigns by helping to determine which targeted mailing list approach will result in the best direct mail campaign performance. 

Integrated Services

Industry-Specific Marketing Experts
Award-Winning Creative Design
In-House Pre-Press & Production
Mailing List & Data Processing
Mailing Services & Digital Add-Ons
Trucking & Postal Logistics

WPA + Spectrum = Superior Results

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