We Are Spectrum.

We Are Spectrum.

Your Marketing Communications Partner

We Are Spectrum.

Your Marketing Communications Partner

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More than a Direct Mail Marketing Company

Our Mission

With a focus on direct marketing strategies, we provide clients with a superior return on investment for every marketing dollar spent.

Integrated services that streamline marketing campaigns


Leverage over 30 years of experience and proven direct mail advertising solutions. Spectrum ensures every aspect of your direct mail campaign is optimized to generate maximum marketing RESULTS.


Our award-winning creative services team will craft aesthetically balanced, effective RESULTS-driven concepts for your next direct mail piece, marketing campaign or general design project.


Spectrum’s data experts utilize top of the industry data sources combined with our proprietary tools to assist clients with defining audiences and mailing lists that maximize campaign effectiveness and improve overall return on investment.


Our commercial printing division has a wide range of modern equipment specifically designed to fulfill the diverse range of requirements our clients demand. We can manage your company’s direct mail production as well as your marketing collateral and general printing needs.


Instead of just sending out a traditional solo direct mailing, Spectrum Mail Plus combines your direct mailer with seven digital technologies to create omni-channel direct marketing to digital advertising that increases your ROI by reaching your target audience on multiple channels simultaneously. True marketing convergence!


Spectrum can assist with the design and printing of campaign coordinated signage that add legitimacy to any sales promotion or event and help distinguish it as something unique, time-sensitive and worthy of attention.


Powerful RESULTS-driven hyper-local direct advertising solutions for businesses in New Hampshire and Massachusetts that increases sales, promotes new products and services, while building brand recognition and loyalty,


We focus on delivering better marketing RESULTS. Our experience, marketing experts and vertically integrated services are the difference. While building long-term value and brand awareness is critical to every client’s strategy, in the end, RESULTS are all that matter.

Top 3 Spectrum Advantages

Direct mail centric solutions enhanced with various digital technologies that provide improved campaign performance tracking and attribution.

Direct Marketing Experts

marketing experts consultation with client

Client management teams are led by experienced direct marketers who have a deep understanding of the client’s industry.

Advanced Direct Mail Solutions

omnichannel solution for orthodontic client

Direct mail centric solutions enhanced with various digital technologies that provide improved campaign performance tracking and attribution.

Coordinated Execution

creative team office with woman

In-house graphic design, mailing services, printing, and postal logistics offers control from start to finish for coordinated campaign execution and delivery.

Our Dramatic Difference

We Focus on Marketing Results.

We focus on marketing RESULTS. While building long-term value and brand awareness is critical to every client’s strategy we never lose sight of the simple fact that in the end RESULTS are all that matter.

Reinforcing a brand over time should be the by-product of all marketing, but in a hyper-competitive market, getting RESULTS, expanding markets and acquiring new customers must be a priority in the short-term.

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legacy Spectrum Monthly Barwind Windows Ad

Our 30 Year History

Direct Mail Evolved.

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legacy Spectrum Monthly Barwind Windows Ad

Our Perspective

Your Success is What Counts

Spectrum is highly aware that every marketing dollar spent must provide an above average return on investment. The same focus and expectation is continually applied toward evolving our business services with each client and campaign we develop.

We develop our capabilities and strategies to most effectively grow your business, support your objectives, and differentiate you from the competition while helping to gain competitive advantage.

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Integrated Marketing Services


Integrated Marketing Services

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Integrated Marketing Services

What Our Clients Say

  • We started our campaign in April, 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic to help encourage customers to invest in their pools early before the summer rush.  We were able to gain 781 leads.  About twice as many as we usually get in similar campaigns. Thanks Spectrum!

    Marketing Director Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services
  • We've reached out to Spectrum to help us with a targeted campaign to bring in new customers in our area.  Their suggestion to design a Spectrum Mail Plus campaign really worked!  We were able to get 10x the impressions which resulted in an influx of new leads and customers!

    Owner Othodontic Office
  • We've been doing direct mail successfully with Spectrum for years and tried their mail plus product to boost sales events and participation increased dramatically! We leverage it for all our events now and it makes my job easier!

    Marketing Director Motorcycle Dealer Boston, MA
  • We just had a mailer hit homes on 3/30/20. The first day in homes we had multiple calls and several listings. Over the course of the next couple of weeks we have had at least 7 total listings from this mailer. Our team in Indiana has a monthly mailing program set up with David and Spectrum Marketing Companies. They are extremely responsive, professional and produce a quality product that has definitely contributed to our success! Our business grew exponentially when we implemented this as a part of our long term plan and not just a short term fix. 80% of our listings come from the mailers that Spectrum mails for us. YTD we’ve had 54 transactions with at least 22 more in the cue to close.

    Chad Renbarger Mossy Oak Properties Indiana Land and Lifestyle
  • It have been a pure pleasure to have Spectrum Marketing and George Cavedon in our corner. As Marketing Director, I know that our collateral is always going to be first class! The attention to detail is exceptional. I’m sure we are not their largest client but you’d never know it. The response to our requests are always prompt and professional. Thank you George and the Spectrum team for always making us look so good!

    John P. Marketing Director
  • The first time we used Direct Marketing with Spectrum, our first customer more than paid for the cost of the ad. In the next few months, we had fifty new clients! We are continuing to use Spectrum to grow our business. They do everything they can do to satisfy our needs. I would recommend Spectrum to anyone who wants their business to succeed.

    Fred Cheney Golf Course Lawns / Owner
  • We had 3 sales the first weekend and since that time we have had an additional 6 sales and the month is only half over. The best part is that we saw so many new faces that were brought in just from the ad, all within a week. Spectrum did all the work and made is so easy, I virtually had to do nothing but tell them how I wanted the ad to look.

    Selena Langis Puppies on the Run / Owner
  • I just wanted to take a minute to thank you and everyone at Spectrum Marketing Companies for helping me build my product and name over the years. From the ads, to banners, to t-shirts and even vinyl wrapping my catering van, Spectrum Marketing Companies has been there every step of the way. We have successfully grown my business with your help. Trying to do this without your help would have been a much harder task. Again, thank you to everyone at Spectrum Marketing Companies. We couldn’t have done this without your help. I highly recommend anyone to use Spectrum Marketing Companies and see the same results that I had over the past decade.

    Christopher Ordway Hayward's Ice Cream / Owner
  • Greg, WOW! You were right, make sure everyone on staff works during the sale.  Friday was great, Saturday was off the hook, and Sunday was busy as hell.  This was a great direct mail promotion.  We need to talk and plan the next event!

    Mike Dewey Dewey Furniture in Vermillion, Ohio
  • Facebook, digital marketing, TV and newspapers just don't work nearly as well as direct mail. Direct mail is the only marketing strategy that really works and Spectrum Marketing does a great job!

    Lewis Stahl Stahl's Furniture

Spectrum in the Community

The Spectrum Marketing Companies believe in doing our part in our community and beyond.  We’re proud to sponsor and support a wide range of charities and local community events.  Learn more ›

Community Involvement

Spectrum in the Community

The Spectrum Marketing Companies believe in doing our part in our community and beyond.  We’re proud to sponsor and support a wide range of charities and local community events.  Learn more >

Community Involvement

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