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With hundreds of clients and 26 years experience, Spectrum truly understands the furniture industry, its unique dynamics and how to drive dependable marketing results.

Leverage our in-house graphic design, printing, mail processing & postal logistics for successful direct marketing campaigns with quantifiable ROI.

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Growing your furniture business can be tough. It’s difficult to know where your marketing dollars are going.

However, Spectrum’s furniture direct marketing experts make it easy. They’ve worked for years helping businesses just like yours bring in new leads while increasing customer loyalty.

We’ll work with you to identify and target only the right prospects, in the right area, with the right carrier routes, at just the right time!

And we’ll show you the RESULTS.

Furniture Marketing Services

  • Graphic Design and Copywriting
  • Customer & Prospect Analysis
  • Demographic Reporting
  • Market Penetration Reporting
  • Direct Mail Marketing Strategy
  • Data-Driven Mailing Lists



Spectrum’s proven campaigns designed to deliver RESULTS.

Furniture Direct Marketing

The Killer

Our best selling piece for furniture stores! It has been a proven success story for stores in all price ranges. This piece never fails for furniture stores! Gift cards sell furniture and this one is unique.Features: Half Fold Insert, Plastic Gift Card, Carrier Envelope

Furniture Direct Mail

New Movers Program

Full color piece on glossy card stock. Target new movers to your area in 30, 60, 90 days! Extremely low investment!

Furniture Direct Mail

The Triple Play

Aptly named, this 7″ x14 3/4″ tri-fold offers the retailer an opportunity to showcase several items and includes a tipped in card stock gift card. Features: Self-mailer, Gift card (card stock)

Furniture Direct Mail

The Polite Invite

An alternative to the gift cards, this piece offers coupon discounts in a classy, fold-out invitation style mail piece. Features: Self-mailer

Furniture Direct Marketing

The Monster Mailer

This is one of the largest, unfolded pieces we offer. Mailed saturation only, it economically maximizes the mail moment. Features: Self-mailer

Furniture Direct Marketing

The Better Letter

The ideal mail piece for a private sale to your customer base. It features an 8 1/2″ x11″ full color letter (with back side option for co-op) inserted into a #10 two color envelope with a teaser and a live Std. A stamp. Features: Letter, Carrier envelope

Furniture Direct Mail

The Attention Getter

This piece is so unique in size that it stands out from all the “clutter.” Mailed saturation, the Attention Getter is a clear winner! Features: Self-mailer

Furniture Direct Mail

The Weekend Winner

An ideal way to take advantage of the power of gift cards. Amounts are customized for each store. The three amounts allow for larger ticket sales. Features: Self-mailer


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  • Facebook, digital marketing, TV and newspapers just don't work nearly as well as direct mail. Direct mail is the only marketing strategy that really works and Spectrum Marketing does a great job!

    Lewis Stahl Stahl's Furniture
  • "Thanks Greg for helping us turn around our October sales numbers! We are EXTREMELY excited with the result from our Gift Card Promotion. We had people who came in saying they had not even considered the idea of buying new furniture, but when they got the gift card they not only came to our stores and shopped…but even more importantly - THEY ACTUALLY PURCHASED!"

    Anthony Waters President, LA Waters Furniture
  • "The secret is in the plastic card. Clients treat it like a real hundred dollar gift card that they have to use before it expires. It prods them to stop delaying and make their decision. In one instance, we sold a $9,000 plus bedroom set!"

    Joseph Kelliher President, Westwood Furniture
  • Spectrum Marketing gets results! We used a recommended mailer for Memorial Day weekend, which in turn gave us a 97% increase from the previous year with very little spend. Spectrum Marketings experience in the furniture industry will help drive traffic to your door in a competitive market which will result in sales!

    Wilmot Dow Dow Furniture / General Manager
  • Greg, WOW! You were right, make sure everyone on staff works during the sale.  Friday was great, Saturday was off the hook, and Sunday was busy as hell.  This was a great direct mail promotion.  We need to talk and plan the next event!

    Mike Dewey Dewey Furniture in Vermillion, Ohio
  • "I need to thank you for convincing me to run the gift card promotion! The cards feel so much more substantial in the customer's hand than a paper coupon! I've actually had a customer approach me in a restaurant and pull it out of their wallet to show me they had received it and would be in to use it! Thanks again!"

    Matt Rouillard President , Central Furniture


What makes Spectrum’s formula especially powerful are industry specialists that truly understand the furniture industry, its unique dynamics and how to drive dependable results.

Furniture Industry Specialist

Greg Russell

Greg comes from a successful 25 years of furniture retail background, both as a merchandise manager and furniture store owner for ten years. It’s Greg’s retail background that led him to create some of our most successful furniture direct mail programs.

Office: 603-627-0042

Mobile: 508-523-0937

Furniture Industry Specialist

Jeff Fontaine

Mr. Fontaine joins us with an exciting background in targeted, persuasive communications. From political campaigns, to combat deployments as a Psychological Operations Specialist, Jeff has taken the message to the masses for over a decade.

Office: 603-836-1255

Mobile: 603-998-1158

Furniture Industry Specialist Mark Casey

Mark Casey

Mark has been helping business owners grow their business for over 30 years. As a marketing consultant and business owner for over 15 years Mark has an extensive understanding of the critical elements of a successful marketing campaign, and a long-term client/partner relationship.

Office: 603-836-1231

Mobile: 603-867-0626

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