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Information Driving Marketing Performance

Targeted Direct Mailing LIsts

Optimize Your Direct Mailing List For Maximum Engagement and Conversion

We provide data-targeted direct mailing list processing services to ensure that you reach the right audience for your next direct mail marketing campaign.

When you need to find a specific audience, whether it’s national or hyper-local, Spectrum can optimize your customer list or append using hundreds of specialty lists and preference selects to find your best prospects.

Spectrum’s data experts will assist you to define mailing lists that maximize campaign effectiveness and improve overall return on investment.

Spectrum’s data targeting experts develop the perfect audience for your next marketing campaign – at the lowest cost possible.


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Direct Mailing Services

Reach Your Ideal Audience

One of the most important elements of any campaign is your direct mailing list. Businesses, non-profits, and retailers use targeted mailing lists to reach the customers and prospects that matter most to them.

Using targeted and personalized print communications with Variable Data Printing (VDP) can improve response rates and the overall marketing objective. Spectrum can personalize your mailings using our data services and in-house digital printing solutions. Plus marketing personalization helps increase engagement and response rates.

Our direct mail experts make it easy for you by helping to determine which mailing list approach will result in the best campaign performance. Depending on your objectives, we will advise on the best combination of mailing list strategy and direct marketing program to craft successful campaigns.

Customer Mailing List Services

Your existing customers represent your greatest business asset.
You have likely spent an enormous amount of time, effort and money developing your customer list. In addition to being the lifeblood of your business, your customer list is also the strongest list for your next direct mail campaign.

Don’t make the mistake of believing that your customers will always come back.
Competitors are also targeting your valuable existing customers.  Make sure you are always reaching out with new incentives for them to return.

Build relationships with data.
By leveraging your customer base, we can help you find new customers and prospects. Our data mining tools will utilize your customer list and data to find like-minded prospects with similar demographic and/or geographic traits – resulting in more effective acquisition programs.

Campaign Types

Personalization & Variable Data



Cover 100% of Your Market!
Many companies find that the majority of their business comes from those who live within a short distance of their location. Saturation mailings (aka bulk mail or mass mail) deliver your message to everyone in a specified carrier route or zip code.

Spectrum’s marketing and data experts use area penetration reporting and mapping tools to help you identify the best prospects right down to the mail carrier route level.  By adding additional filters and demographics such as median household income, dwelling types, seasonal dwellings, apartments, and dropped addresses, we can reduce waste resulting in increased campaign ROI.

Reduced Postal Rates When Mailing Entire Carrier Route
In many cases, targeted saturation mail can offer a huge advantage when mailing your entire market because the post office offers significantly reduced postal rates for mailings that go to a complete mail carrier route.

Learn more about “Smart” Saturation Direct Mail Programs

While general saturation mailings can cover 100% of the homes in the markets you select, Spectrum’s “smart” targeted saturation mail can further increase your overall effectiveness.

We’ll help you identify unwanted addresses, target your geographic area and carrier routes, design & print your direct mail piece, optimize postage & delivery costs, provide USPS verification and tracking, and provide expert support along the way.



When you need to find a specific audience for your next direct mail campaign, Spectrum can access hundreds of specialty mailing lists and demographic preference selects to find the best prospects.

Targeted mailings don’t just saturate an area. They define the exact profile and persona characteristics of your prospects, and target only them.

If you have a new business or need to find a specific audience to solicit, we can create custom lists to meet most any objective

We’ll help you define your prospects, map your geographic area, design & print your direct mail piece, optimize postage & delivery costs, provide USPS verification and tracking, and provide expert support along the way.

Mailing List Types


EDDM vs Smart Saturation Mailing

Looking for EDDM® Direct Mail?

Many businesses have come to believe that EDDM®, or Every Door Direct Mail®, is the least expensive form of direct mail. This simply isn’t the case. The perception has been perpetuated by the USPS and many direct mail providers looking to keep the execution of direct mail campaigns as easy as possible. They are only capable of providing simple saturation mailings without personalization or variable data.

However, Spectrum doesn’t cut any corners! Our team can help you develop optimized direct mail marketing campaigns using personalization and higher ROI mailers while excluding wasteful addresses.

This results in increased campaign ROI.

Read our blog post on the EDDM® Myth for more information and analysis.


Our experienced data experts use the latest data processing software in conjunction with proprietary mail management software. Spectrum will create data-driven targeting solutions necessary for typical mailings as well as the most complex personalized and variable data projects.

Mail List Services

  • NCOA – National Change of Address (Now required by the US Post Office)
  • Carrier Route Coding, Zip + 4 Coding
  • Zip Correction / Address Correction
  • Pre-sort & CASS™ Certification
  • Merge / Purge / Dedupe
  • Data Hygiene and Normalization
  • File Conversions

Accepted File Formats

  • Excel (.XLS, .XLSX)
  • CSV / .TXT
  • DBF / MDB / TAB / ASC
  • PC and MAC formats
  • (Other formats may be acceptable pending review)

List Delivery Methods

  • Use for Campaign Only
  • Email
  • FTP Site
  • Cloud File Sharing
  • Flash/USB Drives
  • CD/DVD

HIPAA Compliant Patient Communication and Secure Direct Mailing Services


Save Time & Money Our in-house equipment, locally secured data and years of expertise in HIPAA compliant direct mail and print allows us to offer secure fast turnaround services at the lowest possible rates.

Reduce Risk Our team is always up-to-date with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) best practices, processing every piece of direct mail ensuring that all Personal Health Information (PHI) is protected from the moment we receive it on our encrypted SFTP site to when it leaves for the post office.

HIPAA Mailing Experts We are the a one-stop solution for direct mail from graphic design, healthcare printing, inserting, fulfillment services, and healthcare mailings.

Spectrum’s ISO 27001 controls help ensure PHI and PII data remain secure and compliant with even the most stringent data security policies.

HIPAA Compliant Logo
Information Security Management Systems

Accepted File Formats

  • Our ISO 27001 compliant information management system ensures data integrity from securely receiving and processing data in a secure environment to proper documented data disposal.

  • We securely manage all PII (Personal Identifiable information) and PHI (Personal Health information) in a highly secured environment to minimize the possibility of a data breach.
  • Avoid disastrous campaigns delivered to the wrong people at the wrong time

  • We conduct both self-audits and third party audits of our security policies and procedures.

  • All staff members with access to data are trained and certified in HIPAA polices and procedures and receive continuing training in data security.


Increase Your Direct Mail Campaign RESULTS
by 23-46%!

Don’t run your next direct mail campaign without learning more about what Spectrum can do for your marketing RESULTS.

Improve your marketing campaign performance, conversions, tracking and attribution.

Improve your campaign performance, conversions, tracking and attribution with data targeted mailing lists.

Improve your direct mail marketing campaign performance, conversions, tracking and attribution.