RESULTS-Driven Direct Marketing Solutions

Build sales, increase engagement and promote your brand or product with proven one-to-one marketing strategies

Reach your ideal targeted audience with the right direct mail campaign at just the right time.

Direct marketing has the advantage of using personal data to target and directly communicate 1-to-1 with your chosen audience at their home or place of business. From building deeper relationships with your existing customers to reaching out to new prospects, nothing generates more response.

Spectrum offers a unique array of integrated products and services that grow your business.  From experienced marketing experts and creative graphic designers, to our in-house direct mail processing & print center, you can leverage one partner for all your direct mail marketing needs.

Spectrum’s Integrated Services

  • Award Winning Creative
  • Prepress & Print Production
  • Targeted Mailing List Selection
  • Direct Mail Processing & Print
  • Trucking & Postal Logistics
  • US Postal Delivery
  • Customer's Mailbox

Direct Mailing List Services

Reach Your Ideal Audience With a Targeted Mailing List

The foundation of any campaign is the quality of your direct mailing list. Businesses, non-profits, and retailers use targeted mailing lists to reach customers and prospects that matter most to them. Our direct mail experts make it easy for you to craft successful campaigns by helping to determine which targeted mailing list approach will result in the best campaign performance.  Read more >

Direct Mail Marketing

We know the secrets to success!

We know the critical strategies to grow your business with direct mail. Learn more about how we leverage these advantages, and how our unique services give you the edge over your competition!  Direct mail marketing is more relevant than ever – and don’t just take our word for it.  Read more >

Direct Mail Marketing Programs

Leverage our turnkey marketing programs to grow your business.

Spectrum has developed turnkey programs designed to promote products and services, drive brand engagement, and increase sales while also keeping your current customers coming back again and again throughout the entire year. Read more >

Direct Mail & Print Products

Spectrum’s in-house production takes commercial printing to the next level!

Spectrum’s in-house commercial printing division can print your next mail product, branded piece, marketing collateral, and general print products. From postcards and monster mailers to elaborate folded brochures – we’ll make you look great!

Integrated Email Marketing

Drive even more response by integrating email and social media to your campaigns!

Email marketing is a powerful way to lift the overall response rate of your promotional campaigns. By providing a second touch of engagement you add credibility and urgency to your message.  Direct mail in conjunction with email, email retargeting, and Twitter and Facebook ads help your campaigns gain traction throughout the promotional time period.

Direct Mail + Web Display Banner Ads

Boost your direct mail campaign’s reach with targeted display advertising on the web!

Utilizing our direct mail + IP targeted web banner ads solution, we will help you advertise to highly-targeted customers and prospects with both physical direct mail marketing and digital online advertisements to lift campaigns.

Leverage the power of direct marketing to develop integrated 1:1 campaigns that drive superior RESULTS across multiple channels.


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