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Direct Mail Marketing Programs

Reach your ideal customers and prospects with the frequency, offers, and creative design necessary for direct mail marketing success.

Spectrum’s mailing services and turnkey direct mail marketing programs are designed to drive new business and sales while keeping your current customers coming back throughout the entire year.

Our marketing experts and graphic designers work with you to customize a targeted direct mail response program that meets your sales and marketing goals.

Leverage Spectrum’s direct mailing services to specify your target audience demographics, geographic market area, final mailing list, and optimal postal delivery window. We also offer programs to track your mail delivery in a client-side online dashboard.

Direct Mail Marketing Programs

Choose one or several turnkey direct mailing services below or ask us to create a new program just for you.


Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM®) Marketing Services

Every Door Direct Mail® marketing can be the fastest, easiest, and most affordable way to reach entire neighborhoods and communities. This non-personalized option makes it easy to reach every home on the block. When you don’t need the demographic details, this is an economic way to saturate an entire area. Please be aware that mail sizes and formats are limited with EDDM mail.  Learn more about EDDM® here >

An affordable local mail option

Targeted Smart Saturation Mail Marketing

Targeted Smart Saturation Mail Marketing Service

Standard saturation mailing (aka bulk mail or mass mail) delivers your message out to everyone in a specified carrier route or zip code. However, Spectrum has the penetration reporting, mapping tools, and marketing experts that will assist in your acquisition efforts and to help you identify the best prospects right down to the carrier route while eliminating wasteful deliveries.

While conventional saturation mailings can cover 100% of the homes in the markets you elect, Spectrum’s Targeted Smart Saturation Mail can further increase your overall effectiveness by considering demographic information on each route such as median household income, media home value, and more.

Every piece of solo mail that leaves our facility has a physical address and is bar coded to ensure that it gets scanned by USPS sorting equipment for accurate delivery to every mailbox.

Get lowest postage rates possible!

Personalized Direct Mail Marketing

Personalized Direct Mail Marketing Service

Personalization is one of the reasons direct mail is so effective generating marketing RESULTS. Spectrum uses variable date printing (VDP digital printing) and personalized landing pages (PURLs) to communicate one-to-one with customers and prospects.

Find new prospects with the perfect mix of geographic, demographic, and behavioral attributes. Then, use your targeted mailing list to launch a complete personalized direct mail campaign.

Speak to your customers with personalized content!

Monthly Mail Programs

Monthly Postcard Mail Programs

Spectrum’s monthly postcard mail program is a perfect way for a business to get started with an affordable, impactful and consistent delivery of marketing messages to customers or prospects.

We’ll handle design, print, mail prep and postage. Mailings will be distributed via saturation mail (zip codes or mail carrier routes) to defined in-home dates.

We offer a suite of direct mail products:

Direct Mail Menu Program

Direct Mail Menu Program

Where are we going for dinner tonight?” Answer that question for them by putting your unique menu with special offers directly in their hands. Take your rightful place on the fridge or in the menu drawer with Spectrum’s Direct Mail Menu program!

We’ll handle design, print, mail prep and postage. Mailings will be distributed via saturation mail (zip codes or mail carrier routes) to defined in-home dates.

Perfect for restaurants, food and beverage shops

New Mover Marketing Progarm

New Mover Marketing

Tap into this high-response, new mover market with an exciting offer! Perfect for local businesses including home improvement services, restaurants, furniture stores, hardware and appliance retailers, insurance companies, banking and financial services, medical practices, and non-profits who want to capture long-term, loyal customers.

Why new mover marketing?

Monthly Box Topper Program

Monthly Box Topper Program

Spectrum’s pizza restaurant box toppers ( we do other shops too! ) are a great way to consistently drive repeat business to your shop by adding your menu and promotion to each carton delivered.

Spectrum will create a monthly pizza box topper program specifically for your business, within your budget. We’ll help you create menu box toppers or combine with marketing promotions to keep your marketing fresh and effective.

Keep your customer coming back!

Opt-in Mail Program

Opt-in Mail Program for Franchises or Multi-Stores

If you are a national franchise, multi-location chain, or small group of stores we can create opt-in mail programs that will get you volume discounts on solo direct mail based on total participation. This allows for a higher impact piece at prices that may have been out of reach for individual budgets. Pricing would include route selection, design, print, mail prep, saturation postage and trucking to nearest postal SCF if your location drop is over 10,000 pieces.

The more participation, the lower the price!

Grand Opening Direct Mail Program

Store Grand Opening / Remodeling Programs

If you are a national franchise, multi-location chain, or small group of stores we can create opt-in mail programs that will get you volume discounts on solo direct mail based on total participation. This allows for a higher impact piece at prices that may have been out of reach for individual budgets. Pricing would include route selection, design, print, mail prep, saturation postage and trucking to nearest postal SCF if your location drop is over 10,000 pieces.

Grand opening mailers that draw attention

Blunting Program

Competitive Blunting Marketing Programs

Spectrum provides direct mail strategies and solutions for using blunting to offset the sales of your competitors marketing and sales efforts. First, we’ll research and understand what your competition is doing with their direct marketing, then we’ll determine the opportunity level you may have.

We’ll target customers and prospects so they spend money with YOUR company – not the competition.

Win your competition's customers

Struggling Store Marketing Programs

Struggling Store Marketing Programs

If you have a struggling store or even if the store is successful but you’d like to improve performance even more, then Spectrum can design a unique piece with an exclusive offer, provide customer list scrubbing, penetration reporting analytics and mail list generation to help you target customers in your area that need an extra incentive to frequent your establishment.

Speak to your competitions customers

Fundraising Marketing Program

Struggling Store Marketing Programs

Spectrum has a large array of proven non-profit direct mail programs, fundraising mailer formats, and donation appeal letters that your company or organization can customize to increase the results of your next nonprofit campaign. From standard personalized letter mailers with response cards and envelopes to complete omni-channel campaigns including email and web targeting, we can help improve your campaign effectiveness. Spectrum can also design and print your marketing collateral and fundraising event signs and banners.

Increase your donor engagement

Integrated Direct Mail to Digital Advertising

Boost your response rates with cross-channel integrated direct mail to digital advertising. Since consistency in messaging is really what makes cross-channel marketing a successful strategy, Spectrum has several technologies designed to make this possible from one source – keeping your effort of execution to a minimum while we control the deployment process.

Depending type and duration of your campaign, our award-winning design team will create a killer direct mailer and any additional digital assets you may need including responsive email design, web banner ads, landing pages, and social media images. We deliver campaign reporting for each channel to help you understand overall response and how to craft follow up promotions.

Spectrum MailPlus Direct Mail to Digital Logo
omni-channel direct to digital advertising for energy service company

Omni-Channel Marketing Campaigns

Spectrum Mail Plus is a complete omni-channel marketing solution for your direct mail promotional campaigns. Leverage 7 integrated technologies designed to target, attract, engage, and convert your best prospects. Spectrum Mail Plus seamlessly integrates direct mail, mail tracking, online follow-up with Google Ads, and phone call tracking that maximizes your marketing impact! Spectrum Mail Plus promotions generally increase your campaign results by 23-46%! Speak with one of our marketing experts today to find out how your business can benefit.

Finally, complete campaign attribution!

Digital Direct Mail Targeting

Digital Direct Mail: Direct Mail + IP Targeting

Reach your targeted direct mail prospects more times during a campaign by using our IP Targeting Program. You can target specific users within a household or business location my matching your list of names and street addresses to IP addresses (Internet Protocol address, the string of numbers assigned to your internet connection by your Internet Service Provider). Then display your web banner advertisements reinforcing your message or promotion. Ask us about this incredibly efficient and cost-effective way to lift your direct mail marketing campaigns.

Extend the life of your direct mail campaign

Direct Mail to Email Program

Direct Mail to Email Marketing

Customer List Email Appends We can append your customer list and find look-alike customers in your targeted area and then deploy and email campaign driving them to your website or landing pages.

Customer Acquisition Saturation Email We target prospects in the same area as your direct mail piece using zip codes and demographic filters to find the people most likely to use your product or service. Emails are deployed and opens and clicks are then retargeted to using digital display web banner ads. We can also integrate Facebook and Twitter ads reinforcing your campaign to the same geo-targeted prospects.

Customer List Email A more traditional email marketing solution using your current opted-in client email list. We’ll create cutting-edge responsive designed emails with coordinated messaging with your direct mail campaigns for increased engagement.

Lift your direct mail campaigns response

Interactive Marketing Programs


Create more engagement opportunities and customer loyalty with interactive direct mail programs with scratch-off mailers, contest & sweepstakes mailers, QR coded web links, surveys, sales event invites, and coordinated signage for your promotional campaign.

Our technology team can also create web landing pages for your interactive mail pieces that can bridge the gap between mail and digital media.

Scratch-off Mailers

Scratch-off Mailers

Utilize one of our scratch off seals to enhance your next direct mail promotion. Prospects will pay more attention to your piece and the other information included. Offers revealed can be static or variable depending on the objectives of your campaign.

QR Code Mailers

QR Code Mailers

Adding QR codes to your mailer can make it easy for customers to connect to your web-based destination and create more opportunities for engagement. Connect to a product or sale website, landing page, PURLs (personalized URL), social media site, or an app store.

Contest and Sweepstakes Mailers

Contest & Sweepstakes Mailers

Nothing creates more excitement than a contest or sweepstakes mailer. We’ll help you choose prizes for lower than you think cost with promotional insurance.

B2B and B2C Survey Mailers

B2B and B2C Survey Mailers

When you want to understand your customers or prospects better, a survey mailer is perfect for identifying your audiences specific purchasing needs and preferences. We can create a landing page for your piece with on online survey as well.

Event and Tent Sale Mailers

Event & Tent Sale Programs

Attract your customers and prospects to sale events at your locations. We’ll handle the mailing list, design the invite, create and product event signage and more.

POP and POS Sign Programs

POP & POS Sign Programs

Reinforce your message! Add-on to any direct mail marketing program with coordinated signage that Spectrum can design and print right here at our large format printing facility.

Customer Retention Mail Programs


If you are looking for ideas on how to grow your business, some of your best opportunities are right in front of you – 80% of your future profits will come from just 20% of your existing customers. Our targeted direct mail solutions allow you to deliver the right offer to the right customer at the right time. You can leverage the following mail programs to increase customer loyalty.

Birthday Marketing Programs

Birthday Marketing Programs

Send your customers an exclusive birthday card and promotion! Spectrum will create a annual program so you never miss an opportunity to show you care about their business.

Thank you and welcome notes

Thank You & Welcome Notes

Greeting cards, thank you notes and welcome postcards go a long way towards making customers feel appreciated and important.

Gift Card Marketing Programs

Gift Card Marketing Programs

Send purchasers a gift card mailer to encourage another sale! Gift cards are particularly effective as they are easy to save and enjoy higher redemption rates than most.

Special Offer Promotions

Special Offer Promotions

Customer-only deals inspire repeat and additional sales. Consider inexpensive postcards or personalized letter mail with incentives. Also, reach out to dormant accounts as well. Great for events like Black Friday.

Printed Newsletters

Printed Newsletters

Research shows the physical nature of a printed piece along with its ability to engage, involve and communicate more extensive content has given new life back to the printed newsletter. We can design, print and mail for you.

Holiday Card Programs

Holiday Card Programs

Set up a holiday or seasonal mailer program to reach your loyal customers with something special. We’ll customize your list, mix with saturation mail, add live stamps, and you choose your delivery method.


Design, target, and launch a winning direct marketing campaign today!

Improve your marketing campaign performance, conversions, tracking and attribution.

Improve your direct mail marketing campaign performance, conversions, tracking and attribution.

Improve your direct marketing performance, conversions, tracking and attribution with the ideal program.