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Data-driven Direct Mail Advertising Solutions

We design and execute targeted direct mail advertising and promotional campaigns that deliver superior marketing RESULTS with quantifiable ROI.

Dominate your market with Spectrum's powerful direct mail marketing solutions.

As a full-service direct mail advertising solutions provider, we understand what makes consumers respond and how to build successful direct mail marketing and promotional campaigns.

Marketing experts, experienced in your industry, will assist you in developing the best direct mail campaign strategy for your business, product, or service.

Our mailing services team will develop the perfect data-targeted audience solution, mailing list, and complete mail processing including postal logistics. Your success is our primary goal.

Direct mail marketing continues to perform as other media formats falter due to ad blocking and changing consumer habits. The ability to target qualified individuals with increased accuracy while still requiring the recipient to evaluate the material is a powerful combination. Contact us to speak with a marketing expert today!

Data Targeted Mailing Lists

40% of your success is determined by list quality.

Spectrum uses a combination of industry standard data applications and a unique proprietary system to ensure that every targeted mail list processed is optimized for effective delivery.

Common Direct Mail List Types

street with targeted mailboxes in front of homes
great direct mail offer at mailbo

We believe in Great Offers

The quality of your offer will significantly determine the amount of engagement and response.

We believe in the power of GREAT OFFERS and/or coupons when building effective direct marketing campaigns. Engagement can dramatically increase if you give your customers and prospects incentives to visit your location or to buy your product or service.

Mailers Designed for Maximum Engagement

Great creative drives your target audience to engage, respond, and convert.

Our award winning graphic designers and creative services team craft high impact direct mail design with effective copywriting and offers that deliver maximum audience engagement.

We work to balance the aesthetic appeal of each mailer design with the effectiveness of the message which results in the best possible response rates.

We follow the 40/40/20 strategy for effective direct mail campaigns.

40% is based on the strength of your offer, 40% is your targeting audience, and 20% is the creative design of your mailer.  Paying close attention and optimizing each of these key areas for each campaign is a critical part of how we achieve superior RESULTS.

OLP Magalog

Wide Range of Direct Mail Formats

Designed for engagement and highest response rate.

We'll customize a mailer just for you.

Accurate Data Increases Campaign Results

Mailing List Optimization & Data Processing

Spectrum uses a combination of industry standard data processing applications and a unique proprietary audience targeting system to ensure that every list processed is optimized for effective delivery. We take the extra steps that make all the difference.

Mail Routes on Laptop

Get Personal With Variable Data

Personalized marketing usually results in higher readership rates, so take advantage of it!

Increase direct mail campaign response by 23-46%

Direct Mail Plus Digital Advertising

Seamlessly combine your direct mail marketing with 7 integrated digital advertising technologies to maximize your campaign’s impact!

Monitor results in real-time from our cloud-based digital marketing platform.

motorcycle sales event Spectrum Mail Plus

Maximize Mail Campaign Effectiveness with Data Insights

Our mail data experts analyze your existing target market and customer base to optimize your strategy before and after each deployment.

By leveraging your customer base, our data experts can assist you in finding new potential targets. Spectrum’s data mining tools utilize your customer lists to find like-minded prospects to build look-alike audiences for more comprehensive acquisition programs. After new lists have been compiled, our team can help you develop robust direct marketing programs that maximize the data insights we’ve gained.

Geographic Analysis

Penetration Indexing

Postal Optimization

Speak with a marketing expert today!

Don’t run your next direct mail campaign without learning more about what Spectrum can do for you.

Our goal is delivering superior and measurable marketing RESULTS.

Improve your marketing campaign performance, conversions, tracking and attribution.

Improve your direct marketing campaign performance, conversions, tracking and attribution.

Improve your direct mail marketing campaign performance, conversions, tracking and attribution.

Improve your direct marketing performance, conversions, tracking and attribution with the ideal program.