Spectrum Monthly Advertising Options

Advertising Options

Detached Address Card (DAC)

A “DAC” offers your business the opportunity for a free standing direct mail piece that is delivered through direct mail outside of Spectrum Monthly. Spectrum’s address label is printed on one side, while the other side of the 5 x 8 1/2 inch card can carry your message for less than half of the standard bulk mail postal rate!

This popular advertising format is available in each zone but limited to one advertiser per month! One low rate includes design, printing and postage.

PLAIN STOCK (75# Hi-Bulk):
8.5″ x 5″ Black & One Color (10,000+) 14¢ per piece

8.5″ x 5″ Black & One Color (10,000+) 15¢ per piece

Upgrade to FULL COLOR:
For Only $275


8.5″ x 5″ Full Color 2-Sided (10,000+) 22¢ per piece

Detached Address Card Masa Grill Postcard

Spectrum Outserts

Great Exposure!
Wrapped Around the Cover 3.5″ x 10″ 2 – Sided

An outsert is one of Spectrum’s most powerful advertising placements. Stitched directly to the outside cover of each Spectrum Monthly publication, your message is kept in front of your local market for the entire shelf-life of the publication. Keeping a visible message in front of your prospective customers for up to an entire month and giving them a method to respond immediately is a proven strategy to deliver results. This format is limited to one advertiser per zone each month. Ask us for samples, special contract discounts, and reservation information.

11.5¢ per piece
80# gloss text

8.5¢ per piece
Over 50,000 outserts

(Full Zone)

Add a scratch off for 3¢ per piece
75# matte cardstock

Upgrade to gloss cardstock add 1¢ per piece

mail outsert

Spectrum Inserts

With Spectrum Monthly’s insert program, your business can take advantage of direct home delivery of a free-standing piece at rates that are much lower than the cost of an individual direct mailing.

Spectrum inserts can be as small as a business card, or as large as a full-size newspaper – but may not exceed 11” x 14” flat. Spectrum is delivered to the post office in wrapped bundles, so there is no chance of your insert falling out.

Insert the full circulation, an entire town or zip code, or only the area immediately surrounding your business. We’ll work with you to design a suitable customized inserting plan. Forget getting lost in the newspaper, make a real impression with a Spectrum Monthly insert!

spectrum monthly mail insert

Print & Insert

BLACK INK, ONE SIDE (10,000 Piece Minimum)
8.5″ x 11″ 60# Plain White Text per piece
8.5″ x 11″ 80# Gloss Text 10¢ per piece
11″ x 17″ FOLDED 60#Plain White Text 11.5¢ per piece
11″ x 14″ FOLDED 60#Plain White Text 11.5¢ per piece
11″ x 17″ FOLDED 80#Gloss Text 14¢ per piece
11″ x 14″ FLAT 80#Gloss Text 14¢ per piece
ADDITIONAL COLORS (Up to 8 colors) Add $90 per color per side. Overruns 3 cents less per piece.

Pre-Printed Insertion Rates

0 – 10,000 8.5¢ per piece
10,000+ 7.5¢ per piece
20,000+ 6.5¢ per piece
Folding and inserts within inserts are available if desired. Ask us for rates on oversize pieces of more than four pages. Inserting contract rates available!

Upgrade to full color (both sides): $375

(10,000 piece minimum)

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