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Display Ad Rates

Spectrum Monthly offers a diverse range of local advertising solutions for the New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts markets. Below you will find the publication display rates along with addition advertising options for guaranteed position and covers.

Ad Size 1 Month 3 Month 6 Month 12 Month Per Additional
Annual Contract
Per Additional
1/8 Page $500 $425 $400 $315 .0075 cents
(less than a penny)
.0029 cents
1/4 Page $650 $575 $500 $400 .01
(1 cent)
1/2 Page $900 $775 $675 $575 .0125
(1.25 cents)
Full Page $1,500 $1,300 $1,150 $975 .015
(1.50 cents)
Back Cover $1,800 $1,600 $1,350 $1,200 .02
(2 cents)

All rates are per month

3 month includes 2nd zone (same footprint) FREE

6 month includes 2nd zone (same footprint) FREE

12 month includes 2nd & 3rd zone FREE in any footprint

* 3-12 month contracts are for consecutive months ONLY and require pre-authorized CC or ACH payment plan
* If contract is not completed previous ads will be re-billed at the earned rate
* Ad copy must be approved 1 week prior to deadline. Ads will be sent to email address on file.

Sales rep will attempt to visit in person prior to deadline.
If you’re unable to approve copy by deadline you give permission for us to run a prior ad.

Front Cover Positions*

Size Cost Per Zone
Front Cover $500
Cover Coupon $200


What our clients are saying

  • Spectrum has been and continues to be an excellent business partner for us. Their timeliness, accuracy and customer service is absolutely outstanding. I personally recommend Spectrum to other franchisees on a frequent basis and they have never let me down.

    Tim C.
    Tim C. Papa John’s & Dunkin’ Franchisee
  • I am always pleased with the results of my advertising in Spectrum. Our response is immediate. People will bring in coupons and a copy of our ad the day it is out and for several weeks thereafter!

    Mark Smith Lobster Tail of Windham, NH
  • When we were first approached by Spectrum, I wasn’t sure it was the right type of advertising for our business. But, we still gave it a try. Nearly six years and countless sales later, we run every month, and refer our business associates to the publication as well.

    Dick Horan Precision Imports
  • I need to thank you for convincing me to run the gift card promotion! The cards feel so much more substantial in the customer's hand than a paper coupon! I've actually had a customer approach me in a restaurant and pull it out of their wallet to show me they had received it and would be in to use it! Thanks again!

    Matt R.
    Matt R. Central Furniture
  • Thanks Greg for helping us turn around our October sales numbers! We are EXTREMELY excited with the result from our Gift Card Promotion. We had people who came in saying they had not even considered the idea of buying new furniture, but when they got the gift card they not only came to our stores and shopped…but even more importantly - THEY ACTUALLY PURCHASED!

    Anthony Waters President, LA Waters Furniture
  • The secret is in the plastic card. Clients treat it like a real hundred dollar gift card that they have to use before it expires. It prods them to stop delaying and make their decision. In one instance, we sold a $9,000 plus bedroom set!

    Joseph Kelliher President, Westwood Furniture
  • Our direct mail marketing packages are highly personalized and often complex.  Spectrum Marketing makes every effort to ensure that the work is done on time, at the highest quality, and within critical delivery windows."

    Judi A. Inspired Direct
  • NOTHING brings in more cars and raises average tickets better than Spectrum's direct mail marketing campaigns.

    John Manelas CEO, Auto Care Plus
  • Spectrum Marketing is the perfect combination of creative skill, top-notch customer service, and quality production at a competitive price. I would put them up against any marketing and direct mail firm in the country.

    Eric Bearse Founder, Bearse & Company
  • Consistently on-time and on-budget. When I’m leading advocacy fights, I can trust Spectrum for quality product and ensuring the mail is where it needs be – when it needs to be there. They take ownership and make it happen.

    David Flaherty CEO, Magellan Strategies
  • I trust Spectrum. They share our values and can be trusted to deliver our printed product and our mail as promised and at a competitive cost. Chuck is responsive and puts our mission first.

    John Tate President, Campaign for Liberty
  • When I need help on a campaign, one of my first calls is to Chuck McGee at Spectrum. Chuck is an experienced operative and talented vendor who understands that the mission comes first. When Chuck and Spectrum commit, they deliver. More than just carrying out marching orders, they are a trusted partner that helps my clients avoid pitfalls and achieve our goals, on time and on budget. I highly recommend them.

    Jim Merril Romney 2012, Ovide Lamontagne for Governor 2012
  • Spectrum’s large production facility, professional staff and understanding of political demands are just a few of the reasons I trust them to work with my clients. They are competitively priced, understand how to navigate the complexities of the postal system and always deliver as promised.

    David Carney Founder, Norway Hill Associates
  • I have used Spectrum for several years for my direct mail, printed material and design work. Their service and results have always met or exceeded my expectations. Spectrum is much more than a marketing company to us, they have become a partner in helping our business grow. I highly recommend them.

    Jim Campanella CEO - The Lawn Dawg, Nashua, NH
  • Direct mail has always been an integral part of our marketing plan. Because of that it is imperative that this campaign is executed seamlessly. You have consistently met that challenge. I can honestly say that since we began working together our "rate of return" has always exceeded industry averages and I credit a great deal of our continued growth to your efforts and knowledge. Again, thank you.

    Seth P. Wilson General Manager, Seascape Inc., Coventry, RI
  • I would highly recommend Spectrum Marketing for any direct mail campaigns. Our multi-year association with Spectrum has delivered us outstanding results every time. Spectrum’s design team works with us to develop a professional mailer that represents our company and delivers our message. They aren’t happy until we’re 100% satisfied every time. The Account Managers take the time to learn what we want our message to be and then work with us and the designers to develop the final product.

    Troy Coleman Vice President of Business and Finance Quality Care – The Nature Care Company
  • We sent out a Monster Mailer after last year’s conference and the results were quite impressive. Six of my seven stores experienced increases in cuts per day with my Newburyport store up 14 and my Amesbury store up 6!

    Susan Marraffa Franchisee, Supercuts
  • We are very pleased with the breadth of services that Spectrum offers. You immediately can sense the care and passion devoted to each and every project. Great vision and ideas spring from the teamwork and their creativity generates excitement and pride. Our results were an increase in foot traffic and a rise in our average sales transactions. This is a valuable partnership!

    Read Clarke Clarke’s Hardware
  • My experience with the Spectrum Marketing team is top notch. They treat me as I am their only client when I know they have many. They are always there to respond to my every request, change or question at the drop of a hat. Our company demands high quality and fast turnaround on all of our projects and Spectrum is very professional and exceeds our expectations every time.

    Kristen Kunzman Marketing Director at The Motorcycle Company
  • Looking for top of the line materials? Look no more! Spectrum Marketing is your one stop shopping for all your H-D mailing needs! Mailers, postcards, signage and more! You wont find a more hands on company to work with! Creative, professional, courteous, and on their 'A' Game!

    Hope Anderson, Marketing Director Marketing Director at Grand Rapids Harley-Davidson
  • With the surge of digital platforms it's easy to forget about traditional print marketing as most people I speak to think the ROI is not there. What I can tell you from my experience is that the return has exceeded my expectations time and time again. I use the over sized direct mailer pieces from Spectrum for all 3 brands that I own. What can you expect from these mailers? The increase of top of mind awareness, an over 4 to 1 revenue to expense ratio (in my experience), energy in your stores (we all know that energy creates energy), and the ability to show off your operations! When the mailers hit the homes...look out! It gets explosive!

    Tony Santarelli Sonic, Dunkin' Donuts Franchisee
  • Due to the success and ease of adding your new integrated acquisition email campaign to my monthly direct mail marketing, I've seen an increase in new member sign ups and now use this new marketing strategy with success at all my California clubs. I have found it’s a great way to increase visibility and create a buzz within the community regarding an upcoming expiration. Spectrum helps you track the success of your e-blast campaign, and for a fraction of the cost of a mailer it’s a great way to combine your direct mail with e-marketing to reach new markets.

    Karan Khanna Planet Fitness Franchisee
  • A big thanks to you and your team with helping with all the changes and additional flyers. Please pass that along to your team. You guys are great to work with.

    Debby Pearson Sante Fe Harley-Davidson
  • At first glance I LOVE it.  My first reaction is that our new menu now looks high-end compared to some of the competitions menus I get at my house.  I know the owner is going to be really pleased. Thanks so much!

    Marketing Manager Pacific Fusion Restaurant
  • Sam, Oh my goodness! The signs just arrived and they look AMAZING! We are totally pleased. Thank you so much for hookin’ it up! Please send the graphics team and all involved a great big hug.

    Nicole Roa Planet Fitness
  • Since opening in 2016, we’ve had over 60 listings and at least half of those listings can be attributed to Spectrum Marketing Companies’ mailer. And this is with only 2 Agents! Year to date we have over 5.5 million dollars in sales, and again, the mailers that Spectrum Marketing provided to us directly related to over 2.5 million dollars in sales. Working with Spectrum Marketing has been very smooth and effective, and the marketing plan that we jointly put together is working extremely well. The ROI is trackable and doing direct mail with David Keith at Spectrum has been an easy decision.

    Chad Renbarger Mossy Oak Properties - Indiana Land & Lifestyle
  • Spectrum Marketing has been a great partner for our direct mail marketing campaigns, and we have seen a large increase in new listings since our first mailing last year. They design, print, and ship everything right in their own facility, which makes the entire process a breeze; and Spectrum has access to multiple data sources to ensure full coverage of all the geography in our territory. We can choose from 1 acre to 1,000+ acres, which has aided us significantly in gaining leads and converting sales. With all of our direct mail needs taken care of under one roof, it allows us to focus all of our other resources on our core business. David Keith definitely understands our goals and has been great to work with.

    Brian Bauer Mossy Oak Properties - Land Sales & Services
  • Facebook, digital marketing, TV and newspapers just don't work nearly as well as direct mail. Direct mail is the only marketing strategy that really works and Spectrum Marketing does a great job!

    Lewis Stahl Stahl's Furniture
  • Greg, WOW! You were right, make sure everyone on staff works during the sale.  Friday was great, Saturday was off the hook, and Sunday was busy as hell.  This was a great direct mail promotion.  We need to talk and plan the next event!

    Mike Dewey Dewey Furniture in Vermillion, Ohio
  • Facebook, digital marketing, TV and newspapers just don't work nearly as well as direct mail. Direct mail is the only marketing strategy that really works and Spectrum Marketing does a great job!

    Lewis Stahl
  • Spectrum Marketing gets results! We used a recommended mailer for Memorial Day weekend, which in turn gave us a 97% increase from the previous year with very little spend. Spectrum Marketings experience in the furniture industry will help drive traffic to your door in a competitive market which will result in sales!

    Wilmot Dow Dow Furniture / General Manager
  • I just wanted to take a minute to thank you and everyone at Spectrum Marketing Companies for helping me build my product and name over the years. From the ads, to banners, to t-shirts and even vinyl wrapping my catering van, Spectrum Marketing Companies has been there every step of the way. We have successfully grown my business with your help. Trying to do this without your help would have been a much harder task. Again, thank you to everyone at Spectrum Marketing Companies. We couldn’t have done this without your help. I highly recommend anyone to use Spectrum Marketing Companies and see the same results that I had over the past decade.

    Christopher Ordway Hayward's Ice Cream / Owner
  • We had 3 sales the first weekend and since that time we have had an additional 6 sales and the month is only half over. The best part is that we saw so many new faces that were brought in just from the ad, all within a week. Spectrum did all the work and made is so easy, I virtually had to do nothing but tell them how I wanted the ad to look.

    Selena Langis Puppies on the Run / Owner
  • The first time we used Direct Marketing with Spectrum, our first customer more than paid for the cost of the ad. In the next few months, we had fifty new clients! We are continuing to use Spectrum to grow our business. They do everything they can do to satisfy our needs. I would recommend Spectrum to anyone who wants their business to succeed.

    Fred Cheney Golf Course Lawns / Owner
  • "I've had the pleasure to work with the guys at Spectrum in launching our mail plus online marketing campaign. I was surprised at how little I had to do to execute the campaign and the results have been tremendous. This is marketing magic!"

    Andrew G. Owner Goffena Furniture
  • It have been a pure pleasure to have Spectrum Marketing and George Cavedon in our corner. As Marketing Director, I know that our collateral is always going to be first class! The attention to detail is exceptional. I’m sure we are not their largest client but you’d never know it. The response to our requests are always prompt and professional. Thank you George and the Spectrum team for always making us look so good!

    John P. Marketing Director
  • We just had a mailer hit homes on 3/30/20. The first day in homes we had multiple calls and several listings. Over the course of the next couple of weeks we have had at least 7 total listings from this mailer. Our team in Indiana has a monthly mailing program set up with David and Spectrum Marketing Companies. They are extremely responsive, professional and produce a quality product that has definitely contributed to our success! Our business grew exponentially when we implemented this as a part of our long term plan and not just a short term fix. 80% of our listings come from the mailers that Spectrum mails for us. YTD we’ve had 54 transactions with at least 22 more in the cue to close.

    Chad Renbarger Mossy Oak Properties Indiana Land and Lifestyle
  • David Keith at Spectrum Marketing Companies has been a joy to work with – always responsive, enthusiastic, and has a great grasp on the Mossy Oak Properties market and culture. We sent our first mailer through Spectrum a couple weeks ago and the results have already been nothing but fantastic. From compliments on the brochure design, to people asking us to list their property, everyone seems impressed – and we certainly reached new customers. We are already looking at sending another direct mail campaign to the Jackson Hole area after the great response we received from our local Dubois land owners. All I can say is “WOW"...the response has been fantastic in only 4 short days. I’m gearing up for a very busy spring based on this initial response. Sales inventory will not be a problem this spring/summer with the marketing efforts and partnership with Spectrum. This will be an annual YES for us!

    1. Property owner back east with a 40+ acre parcel contacted us the day he received the mailer – talking with him tomorrow to list his property.
    2. An owner in town at a local business told me today she received our mailer and “when things settle down with Covid she’ll call us to list”
    3. Saw another owner in the post office who gave me a thumbs up on the mailer
    4. Received a call 5 minutes ago from a friend/wife of another broker who congratulated me on our mailer - letters hit Dubois today”

    M. Morgan Beavers Mossy Oak Properties Wyoming Outdoors
  • Just did my first mailing with Spectrum Marketing Companies, had an immediate response that resulted in several quality listings. David and Stacy are very professional and did a great job. We are already working on our next mailing.

    Fred Zepponi III Mossy Oak Properties Bottomland Real Estate
  • Several years ago I was introduced to David Keith with Spectrum Marketing Companies. We talked about how postcards could help me get more listing and increase my sales. Today I have to say that it has become one of our best listing generators we have in our tool bag. Our last drop in April 2020 the mailing generated 6 listings. The postcards has done far more than I expected. I highly recommend you getting with David to talk about improving your business with the services he can provide to you. David is easy to work with and is always working with me to improving our message.

    Paul Thomas Mossy Oak Properties Hart Realty
  • We've been doing direct mail successfully with Spectrum for years and tried their mail plus product to boost sales events and participation increased dramatically! We leverage it for all our events now and it makes my job easier!

    Marketing Director Motorcycle Dealer Boston, MA
  • We've reached out to Spectrum to help us with a targeted campaign to bring in new customers in our area.  Their suggestion to design a Spectrum Mail Plus campaign really worked!  We were able to get 10x the impressions which resulted in an influx of new leads and customers!

    Owner Othodontic Office
  • We started our campaign in April, 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic to help encourage customers to invest in their pools early before the summer rush.  We were able to gain 781 leads.  About twice as many as we usually get in similar campaigns. Thanks Spectrum!

    Marketing Director Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services

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